"Showing dogs and making them a Champion is my goal, preserving the Dalmatian breed type according to the AKC Dalmatian Standard, with Health, Temperament and Bidability being the top of my priorities list. Making a Champion is so rewarding when you have maintained the "total package". It is important that your breeding program reflects highly in all areas whether they are competing in dog sports or not." ~ Julia Soukup
This page is a landing page with links that showcase all of my Dalmatians and encompasses everything they do or have done. We are so very proud of all of them, from the many loving home companions, the Therapy and Service dogs, the Agility, Obedience and Scent Work stars, the Champions and all the way to the Top Dalmatian in the United States in 2002. My line is my passion and each and every one of my dogs, no matter what their roles in our world, makes my dreams come true. Thank you to all of my excellent owners who provide wonderful homes and do so much with these wonderful dogs. I love you all and you all are part of the JLS Dalmatians Family.

JLS Dalmatians Companions

I am so very proud of all of my pets and their owners and I am so glad that they joined my JLS Dalmatians family. I try to keep them updated on the latest health information, recalls and items of interest. They are always free to contact me for support or help or just to say hello. I love getting photos and hearing how they are doing. It is expecially important how they socialize, train and interact with their dogs in public to promote good public relations for the DALMATIAN BREED as a whole. Thank you owners!