We are a Show Breeder/Exhibitor

We ocassionally have quality Dalmatian puppies available as Show Dogs, Obedience and Performance dogs as well as companions/pets. We are an AKC Breeder of Merit.

First and utmost, JLS Dalmatians strives to breed sound, healthy Dalmatian puppies with good, stable, and outgoing temperaments that will make an excellent member of anyone's family. After that is achieved, we hope for some really great Dalmatian puppies according to the (Dalmatian Standard) which we hope will compete in conformation, obedience, and performance events. Several of our dogs are Therapy Dogs, READ (Reading Education Assistance Dogs), as well as Service Dogs.

JLS adult Dalmatians almost always have a CHIC (Canine Health Information Center) certificate on our dogs. This just means the recommended testing for the Dalmatian Breed has been completed. Before purchasing a puppy from any breeder you should check the OFA Database to see the results of all tests for generations.

CHIC has the following health tests as a minimum requirement to obtaining a CHIC certificate:

Detailed and accurate records of past breedings as well as all current puppies are kept to ensure the health, temperament and longevity of the JLS line. Each breeding is done with the goal of improving and continuing the standard of excellence that we require of JLS Dalmatian puppies as well as to be an asset to the Dalmatian breed as a whole. You can see our past litter information to see what certain combinations have produced.
Past JLS Dalmatians Litters

Click on the button below for our Health information page and to see JLS Dalmatians specific health information currently on record.
Dalmatian Health Information

If you are interested in adding a JLS Dalmatian Puppy to your family, please fill out our
Puppy Application Form or email us and we will get back with you for an interview. We like to get to know our owners and hope we will form a lasting friendship.
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Current Litter

We have plans for Fall 2023 puppies! 

October 25, 2022

Chicka x Mr. Right

JLS My Little Chickadee aka "Chicka" from my Larkles litter (Lucky x Barkles).

Dalmatian Puppies by JLS Co-Owners

Available Puppies

I do have "Vivacious Violet" available to the right home. She is built right and is structuraly very sound and correct. Her movement is lovely. Side, front and rear. No bobbles. Perfect. Her topline is solid and like a 2x4. She is a bit colorful but could be shown in conformation. She would also make a good Performance Prospect. She is outgoing, confident, and fun. She has drive. Please fill out my online Puppy Application form if you are interested in hearing more about "Violet".

If you are interested in getting on my 2023 puppy list, please fill out my online Puppy Application form.


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