Original Coaching Breed

Did you know that Dalmatians are the only true and original "coaching" dog? Throughout history Dalmatians were used to guard the horses and the horse drawn carriages on the road or in stables. In order to perform this historical task Dalmatians naturaly have a high energy level and make great modern day "coachers". But don't let the high energy fool you, they also make great coach potatoes and snugglers.

Dalmatian Gait

Dalmatian gait should be sound and balanced, effortless and efficient with purposeful reach and drive with no leg interference and good foot fall timing. Dalmatians were bred for endurance trotting so he/she should be able to trot all day long with a minimum of effort. There is nothing more beautiful than a correct moving Dalmatian flowing efficiently with long ground covering strides around the show ring or in your backyard! They are showing off the breed's original purpose.

Please note that serious long-distance trotting and road working should not be done with baby puppies or young dogs. You should wait until the growth plates close for your breed to ensure there is no damage to the joints or to the growth plates themselves that could cause serious and permanent issues. The growth plates are closed in Dalmatians around 18 months of age.

The following are some suggestions for "road working" your modern day Dalmatian:

Horseback / Road Trials

Riding Lawn Mower / Four Wheeler/ Golf Cart



The following is a list of products that you can purchase to condition your Dalmatian or other canines. JLS Dalmatians does not recommend or in any way endorse a specific product mentioned here. This listing is for your information only. The Dog Powered Scooter Springer