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17 years, 8 months & 25 days

Experience. Dedication. Love for Dalmatians.

I am a responsible and reputable Dalmatian show exibitors and preservationist breeder of quality Show Dalmatians & Dalmatian puppies, located on a quaint farmstead just outside of Lindsborg, Kansas. We have owned Dalmatians for 29 years and have been participating in the wonderful sport of AKC dog shows for over 25 years. I only have Dalmatians, and consider them my family and not just show dogs.
I am a preservationist breeder and an AKC Breeder of Merit.

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I hope you enjoy your visit and find helpful information about the beautiful and intelligent breed of Dalmatians. JLS Dalmatians is dedicated to promoting & protecting the health, temperament, soundness, and overall integrity of this wonderful breed, the Dalmatian.
I am a DCA Approved Judges Education Mentor and a Resource contact for the state of Kansas, please feel free to contact me if you would like to learn more about Dalmatians.

Our Dalamatian dogs and puppies have competed in Conformation, Obedience, Agility, Rally, Road Dog, Fly Ball, Fast CAT, Scent Work and have served as Therapy Dogs, READ (Reading Education Assistance Dogs), Public Education canine ambassadors, one was a Service Dog, one was a Seizure Assistance Dog and one was a Guide Dog!

Cricket with my friend Shirley.

Cricket serves her owners as a Diabetic low alert dog! This is a job she learned all by herself! Shirley says she has saved her life many times over the years. Cricket sleeps with Shirley. When Shirley is sleeping and has a low, if Cricket can not wake her up she opens a baby gate (not latched) and goes and wakes up her room mate Vickie. Good girl Cricket! Cricket is now 11 years old and is from my "Meriden" litter (Merica x Caden).

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Newt's Legacy...

  • #1 Dalmatian in the US in 2002 (campaigned 7 months!) all breeder/owner handled with no advertising!

  • #4 Dalmatian in 2003 in selective showing only.

  • #7 Dalmatian in 2004 in very limited showing.

  • Five consecutive years in the Top 20!

  • 2002 Pedigree Award Winner

  • 2003 Westminster AOM

  • 2004 DCA National Specialty Best Stud Dog & AOM under breeder judges!

  • DCA Register of Merit sire!

June 29, 2020

JLS Queen of Hearts Dressed To Impress (L)

(UKC Ch JLS Just A Moseying Along -L x JLS Miss Fabiola Doviggy)
December 6, 2019

JLS The Gallant Gallivanter (L)

(UKC CH JLS Just A Moseying Along-L x Ch JLS Miss Fabiola Doviggy)
April 24, 2018

JLS My Little Chickadee (L)

(JLS Bark Out Loud-L x JLS Ravin About My Lucky Spot)
February 25, 2017

JLS Luscious Peony (L)

(Int Ch RBIS UKC/Am Ch Allstar Givens LB Going All In BN PCD CD RN TKP THDN CGCA URO1 SPOT x JLS Just Liverlicious-L)

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