Ocassionally I have an older puppy, young adult, or a retired show dog available to the "right" home. I usually only keep what I intend to show and keep for my breeding program, but ocassionally one I keep will need to find a great home. It pains me deeply because I love them as my family, but sometimes they have potential to do more with the right person.

Please let me know if you might be interested. Sometimes the timing just isn't right for a baby puppy, I get that. I will only place older dogs if the home is a great fit. Otherwise, they live their best life right here on the JLS Dalmatians farmstead with plenty of love, room to run and play, and the best of care.

Available Puppies

JLS Vivacious Violet


Violet's baby puppy home fell through. It's not nice when people say she is reserved and then back out. Leaves the breeder with extra pups. I really like her personality and it wasn't a burden to hang on to her, so I haven't really pushed finding her a home, but it is time that she find the right home. She had a close call on finding a home, but I do not ship my dogs as cargo. I do know someone who now does Nanny Transport so she can travel now! I trust this person with my beloved dogs.

SO..... she is available again, to the right home. She is 9 months old. Beside's being so very pretty and built, she is a real sweetheart, outgoing and fun! She is very smart and was the first one to teach herself the dog door, just from watching her mother do it. It is not a flap dog door either, it is stainless steel that they have to use their nose to open. She minds well, comes when called and is super social. 

She will do well in just about any home environment as she loves everyone and everything. She would be good for a performance home. She is built right and moves beautifully. She is very agile and athletic. 


Available Adults

I have the following lovely young liver lady available. She just turned 2. She has a very sweet temperament. She is BAER Bilateral. She is microchipped, she is up-to-date on shots, Rabies, worming, and heartworm medication. She was going to be a show dog, but it is okay if I get a great companion home for her too.  If you think you might be the perfect home, please contact me. 


JLS No More Lollygagging

"Lolly G"

Lolly is a super sweet and very pretty young 2 year old girl. Can I say again, she is a real sweetheart, loving, huggy, girl. She gets along well with all my dogs and loves people. She will make someone the best buddy ever. Her personality is so much like her Mom Simone. Easy keeper, easy to live with. She wants to please you and minds well. Super smart, just tell her and she understands.

She has one Amber eye and one blue eye. She is BAER Bilateral hearing, i.e. she hears in both ears. I was hanging onto her for a show career, but I feel I have better show prospects in the NewMo litter that I need to hang onto.