Available Dalmatians

Ocassionally I have an older puppy, young adult, or a retired show dog available to the "right" home. I usually only keep what I intend to show and keep for my breeding program, but ocassionally one I keep will need to find a great home. It pains me deeply because I love them as my family, but sometimes they have potential to do more with the right person.

Please let me know if you might be interested. Sometimes the timing just isn't right for a baby puppy, I get that. I will only place older dogs if the home is a great fit. Otherwise, they live their best life right here on the JLS Dalmatians farmstead. Plenty of love, room to run and play, and the best of care.

JLS I'm Your Boogie Man


Boogie is a very fun and active boy. He will be 1 year old on October 9, 2021. He makes me laugh every day. He is perfect for performance events. He could also show in conformation, but is a bit colorful. I have others to focus on in conformation so I have decided to let him go to just the right home that will do all kinds of things with him. He is smart, busy, and has a great sense of humor and adventure.

He is very outgoing and loves all people and all dogs. He has not had a bad experience with another dog. He is friendly and wants to play. It is important to not let another dog ruin this happy-go-lucky attitude. Dalmatians do not forget a bad experience and do hold grudges, and I would hate to see this wonderful personality, be tarnished.

He will excel at FastCAT, I took him for a practice run and he has the drive 110% and was pretty fast. I figured he would as he loves to grab empty dog food sacks and run the large yard. He throws it, trips over it, and just has FUN! He also loves boxes and Chewy packing paper. When he grabbed the long continuous stream of brown packing paper strip, I thought of the olympics where the ladies have long flowing material. He was pretty good! LOL

If someone is seriously interested in a good Agility Prospect, I will take him to a practice to evaluate him as a prospect. I believe he would have a blast and be so much FUN.

Ch JLS Antonio Doviggy My Pal


Antonio is a sweet and intelligent boy. He wants to please and be loved. He has confidence and would like to have a job or tasks to do. He finished very easily as a puppy/young dog, even taking a BOB over a ranked special. He is a smaller boy and is very agile.

He will be 7 years old on October 18. My line has longevity and age slower in most cases so he should have several good years left to be competitive in Barn Hunt, FastCAT, perhaps dock diving, and maybe even Agility. He would be the champion of your couch, as he lives up to his "italian" themed name and is a great lover.

He is intact and I would prefer he stay intact for a little while longer as he has neices and nephews that are noteworthy hitting the ring right now and he may be an option as a stud dog.