Ocassionally I have an older puppy, young adult, or a retired show dog available to the "right" home. I usually only keep what I intend to show and keep for my breeding program, but ocassionally one I keep will need to find a great home. It pains me deeply because I love them as my family, but sometimes they have potential to do more with the right person.

Please let me know if you might be interested. Sometimes the timing just isn't right for a baby puppy, I get that. I will only place older dogs if the home is a great fit. Otherwise, they live their best life right here on the JLS Dalmatians farmstead with plenty of love, room to run and play, and the best of care.

JLS The Gallant Gallivant


Gallivant is a very sweet guy who loves to hear his momma sing karaoke. He is still in his silly teenager stage, but when I put on the music to sing he jumps right up on the dining room chair and sits there for the "concert". He's so endearing!

He is a bit reserved at first with new people but quickly warms up and likes to give big boy hugs. He does very well with my female dogs. He is jealous of the other male dogs. He would do well with a female dog companion.

Gallivant, aka Galli, just turned two years of age. He still looks like a big ole lanky teenager. He minds very well and wants to please. He will do best as a home companion.