Ch JLS Freckled Fig Bar None ROM (L)

Ch Horizon Liberty JLS Roll The Dice
April 22, 2007
JLS The Eagle Has Landed Bar None
May 11, 2007

Ch JLS Freckled Fig Bar None ROM (L)

MBISS CH JLS Just A Fig Newton ROM x CH Snow Hill Mad Season

DOB: May 11, 2007
Liver & White
BAER Bilateral
OFA Excellent
CERF Normal
DNA Blood Bank
Figgy was a lovely Newt daughter and she produced well! She was tied for #1 Brood Bitch in 2015 with four Champions that year, and now has a total of 6 Champions for her ROM (Register of Merit) title for top producing dams in the breed. Good girl Figgy! You so deserve that.

Figgy was bred to our "Blackie", Ch JLS Black Label in 2013 and produced the following litter:

    UKC/AM Ch JLS N' Bardolyn's First Sergeant, "Sergeant"
    JLS , "Ori" (Obedience, Companion)
    JLS Black Fig Dessert, "Siena" (Companion)
    JLS Black Fig Delicasy, "Casey" (Companion)
    JLS Full of Grace, "Gracey" (Companion)

In late 2013 she was bred to #1 Dalmatian (and Newt Grandson) GChG Ch Spotted Bliss Oreo Delight, "OD" and had a litter of three pups:

    Ch JLS Spotted Bliss Double The Fun (L), Dubby" - Specialty RWD and Specialty Supported 5 point major, BOB over specials handled by his first time owner.
    JLS , "Halo" (Companion)
    JLS , "Malcom" (Patch puppy Companion)

In 2014 she was bred to Ch San Jude's Lonesome Dove of Pal, "Dove", and had a litter of nine all BAER Bilateral pups:

    Ch JLS Antonio DoViggy My Pal, "Antonio" - Specialty Supported WD/BOW major, BOB over specials
    Ch JLS Spiffy Gentelman, "Spiffy" - Specialty Supported WD Major and RWD
    Ch JLS Everybody Loves Bacon, "Bacon" - Specialty Best in Sweeptakes under breeder judge handled by firt time owner, Multiple BOB's
    Ch JLS & Bardolyn's Captain Figg, "Captain"
    JLS Miss Fabiola Doviggy, "Fabiola"
    JLS Painting A Masterpiece, "Giovanna" (Companion)
    JLS Gabriella Walker, "Gabriella" (Companion)
    JLS Bucky Gerke, "Bucky" (Companion)
    JLS Rockin' Rocky, "Rocky" (Patch boy, Companion