JLS Let’s Dance

Please come out little ones…
July 6, 2022
A Stringer… s
July 7, 2022

Ch JLS Antonio Doviggy My Pal x JLS Luscious Peony (L)

JLS Let's Dance

  • Date of Birth: July 7, 2022
  • Liver & White
  • BAER Bilateral
  • Eyes: Amber
  • Height: tbd
  • Weight:

Tango is a fun, outgoing puppy who is co-owned with my friend Susan Zimmerman in Ohio. He will be having alot of fun and doing just about everything a dog can possibly do, but especially Agility and possibly Road Trial. He has started with his conformation show career at exactly 6 months of age and had a couple nice placements. Tango's sire is Antonio, Ch JLS Antonio Doviggy My Pal  x  my lovely Peony, JLS Luscious Peony (L).

I expect Susan to have alot of fun with Tango! 

Tango's Pedigree

Tango's Win Record - Conformation

Tango's Win Record - Everything Else!

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