A Stringer… s

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July 7, 2022
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July 7, 2022

Peony finally has a stringer at 8:30 am this morning. After being restless and keeping me up with little sleep for two days, I think she is finally getting ready to have her pups. TODAY is her due date, after all. It’s the in and out game and panting in-between. The pressure of contractions and puppies moving around to be presented to the birth canal causes the dam to wants to go outside and potty. Even if they do not actually potty.

Peony wants to lay right next to Momma J on the loveseat and have her pups. At this point anything is okay. Let’s just get them here safe and sound! I’ve been so tired I have been stumbling around. I spilled water, a drink, and Simone spillled my coffee. I may have to just bring in the fire hose. I am exaggerating of course. LOL Just joking. But more laundry today.

Peony has been sitting up and then laying down and has her feet against the side of the pool. Every once in awhile she lifts up a back leg and almost pushes. 9:55 a.m. she is resting.

9:56 a.m. She stood up all of a sudden and seems to be having a contraction. Holding my breath!!! Excited! False alarm.

10:24 a.m Peony just threw up her breakfast I did not feed her much, knowing that they can throwup. I have the whelping box with a hospital pad in the bottom and then layers puppy potty trainin pads over the top of that. There was a 3″ gap where no pads were. OF COURSE that is where she threw up. LOL. She is cleaning it up so that is good. I guess. Good for me and won’t hurt her.

10:26 a.m. Out to potty and more of the muscous plug came out… stringer! She came back in and went straight to the love seat. I have it covered with my padded mattress pad, so it can be washed easily if she should have discharge or better yet, a puppy!

10:32 a.m. While I am waiting, I will do the MoNew Weighing since I missed last night. I was SO tired and had to lie down.. They are obvously all thriving. But it is so very important to do weights every day, so you can catch a loss ASAP. Puppies can fade so fast. Mom has lots of milk. They are all nursing well, are strong crawlers, so I will be surprised if all have not gained some.

10:35 Nix that idea… Peony did her first push, in the loveseat with me! I moved her back to the whelping box and natta. Darn her hide. LOL. I will have to crawl into the whelping box with her…

10:40 a.m. Well I tried that and she just stood there. SO I took her out to potty again. She just trotted around in the pen, so I brought her back in and she jumped on the love seat, I was just in time to get a pad under the vulva before the water bag broke, but not before she puked again. Ah… this is why you don’t want them to eat it again…. it will come up again. LOL

10:57 a.m. Big push on loveseat, so back to the whelping pen for you my dear sweet Peony. She is standing and was looking in her water bucket. I refilled and she drank. Getting loaded up on milk hopefully.

I forgot to mention that my friend Leslie came to stay and help out. She watches MoMo and the MoNew pups while I take care of the others and do laundry, Make us something to eat, etc. Thank you Lesilie for putting up with all of this spotted circus.

11:18 a.m. Shoot she’s just standing in her whelping box. She wants out, but she is gonna have to do it in there to contain the mess and eas;y cleanup. She laid down. Panting. C’mon Pe-o- ny1 Let’s go Peony. Let’s go Peony.

BIG push at 11:25