And then there were TOYS!!!!

Week 3 Candids
August 6, 2022
NewMo Show Stacks at 8 weeks, 4 days
September 26, 2022

And then there were TOYS!!!!

And then there were TOYS!!!! Even the Momma Dogs got all happy and played with their puppies… and me!

This has been a very busy past week so I fell behind on my posts. Puppies are growing and getting more active. They are eating gruel along with nursing on their Momma dog. They are starting to want out of their xpen to potty… in my Living Room i.e. whelping central, but that’s okay I have plastic down that I can wipe up easily. Pups and Mommas have been wormed this week. I need to trim all toenails again. They grow fast on all that milk and puppy food!

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