We are GOOD!

Puppies are Coming – Simone x Newt
July 4, 2022
Waiting Again…
July 5, 2022

We had an uneventful night. I got a few hours of consecutive sleep finally. Still tired. MoMo got some sleep! Pups were quiet! That can either be a good thing or a bad thing. But in this case it was a good thing. They are all content babies with full bellies and are being kept warm enough, but not too warm. Simone generally has content pups. I pray that Peony’s wll be as obliging. 🙂

The official count: 5 Pups (1 Black Boy, 3 Liver Girls, 1 Black Girl). One of the liver girls is a patch. That means she was born with on large spot of color and that will make her ineligible as a show dog. So she will make a great pet.

Pups are pictued at around 16 hours old.

Puppies are doing great! MoMo is doing great. Julia is doing pretty good. LOL

I will take weights this evening after they are officially 1 day old. I will then start my puppy weight chart.