Puppies are Coming – Simone x Newt

Newt x Simone!
July 4, 2022
We are GOOD!
July 5, 2022

Puppies are Coming – Simone x Newt

Simone whelped her first pup around 5 p.m.. It a 13 3/8 oz Patch Girl, Black I believe. Very strong and robust. There was a two hour delay between the first pup and the second pup. She was not straining constantly, but she had some strong contracitons and there really should have been a pup so I knew she needed assistance. I put on a sterile surgical glove, lubed the pointer finger, and did a digital examination, I could only feel a nose and face, no legs. This means the pup could be hanging up on his/her shoulders. This can happen with a large pup or just a malpositioned pup. I have had to pull stuck pups before, but this one I had nothing to gently get a hold of. You ALWAYS pulll with contractions or you will kill the puppy. Anyway. I then recalled, that you can try pushing the stuck pup back in further, giving them a chance to reposition differently and be delivered naturally. I gently pushed the puppy up and then told Simone to try to push now. In just a few contractions she delivered puppy #2. He was a whopping 1 lb, 1 3/8 oz. My pups are usually around 12-13 oz. so this was a big boy. He was fine and after a rub down was strong and nursing.

Simone takes her time in whelping but she has not lost a pup. It is nerve wrecking for the breeder as delays in between pups are a reason for concern and can put the others that are to come out behind that pup at risk. She is a calm whelper and knows just what to do. She listens well and doesn’t get upset when I rub the pup down and get a birthweight. Good girl Simone! Momma J has to follow her lead and remain calm and steady. Simone will get the job done. Pups are all strong and healthy. A really good Momma Dog. Thank you MoMo. I love you.

Back to pups coming… Pup number 3 came just a few minutes after Pup #2. 7:05 p.m. Liver Girl 1 lb 1/8 oz

Pup #4 Liver Girl – 13 5/8 oz 7:46 pm and Pup #5 Liver Girl – Black girl 12 5/8 oz whelped around 8:30 p.m. So Simone had all five pups in 3.5 hours. Not too bad. I prefer it to go a bit faster, but watch what you wish for. One time I had a girl spit them out 15 minutes apart. I had trouble keeping up on my duties of rubbing, clearing breathing pasages, getting birth weight, and putting them on a teat so they are sure to get the first of mommas milk with the colestrum, so they are stronger and healthier pups.