Waiting Again…

We are GOOD!
July 5, 2022
NewMo – Day 1 Weights
July 6, 2022

And here we go again. The waiting game is on for Peotonio Litter (Peony x Antonio). She is panting on and off, resting, nesting and being pretty quiet. She is getting ready. This stage can go on for awhile. The waiting is the hardest part to me. Constantly worrying if all is okay, if it is time and she has some delay that will cause problems. I stay calm and cool for the Momma dog but I hate this waiting and guessing. I have to quit worrying and take a deep breath and just wait for mother nature to take her course. It will be what it will be… I am just the assistant, ready to go.

Peony’s temperature at 2:00 p.m. 100.0. Peony is panting softly on and off… this is called pre-whelping. Where there are no visible signs of labor except a bit of restlessnes by the dam. They are really starting to have movement and tiny muscle spasms that we cannot see. She is resting right now, so I took a shower and am going to try to take a power nap. I shall need it I am sure.

3:45 p.m. – Peony wants to go out often, but only potties some of the time.