NewMo – Day 1 Weights

Waiting Again…
July 5, 2022
Please come out little ones…
July 6, 2022

Puppies will generally loose a bit of weight after birth on the first day. Then they should start gaining and gaining. I see a couple dropped a little bit but not much. Breeders should weigh newborn puppies daily for the first week or so. If a puppy is losing weight, I will put that pup on a teat whenever I walk by the whelping box. They can catch up really fast that way. If they still are not getting enough milk, I can feed them puppy milk on top of letting them nurse.

I am taking head shots daily so I do not have to mark pups or put a ribbon around their neck for identification. Of course the patch is obvious, the black boy is obvious, the black girl is obvious. It’s just the two liver ladies that I need to keep track of closely. I can also just keep one of them marked, easy peasy.