Please come out little ones…

NewMo – Day 1 Weights
July 6, 2022
A Stringer… s
July 7, 2022

Please come out little ones…

I gave Peony an old blanket to tear up. She is HAPPY now.

Peony is taking her time on whelping her pups. I was sure she was going to come early and now alot of waiting. I thought she may come last night, but no such luck. This morning she was tearing at the whelping pad and panting. Now she is asleep. She is dragging this out… figures. I really just want them to get here safe and sound and soon!

She was biting the new whelping pad and I don’t want those torn up just yet. So I got her an old blanket that someone had already torn a few holes in and told her, “Here you can tear the crap out of this one”. She listened! She is happily pulling and biting it! Good smart girl! Now she is lickin g her teats and resting. I should have known Peony would drag this one out. She is wanting to go outside often, not always pottying,, and then she wants to go upstairs to my bedroom. Not gonna have them up there, girlfriend. Well, on the other hand, whatever it takes to get them here. Some mothers will not whelp if they are not totally private and feel safe. Peony normally sleeps upstairs with me, so that is her domain. Heck I may let her w help up there and then move them back to “whelping central” formerly my Living Room! LOL

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