Sleep & Chores and Do No More

Oh Me Oh Me Oh My…
July 10, 2022
NewMo’s 8 Days old
July 12, 2022

Sleep & Chores and Do No More

Ha ha… that would be a good motto, but I am one that just can’t stop. I usually cannot nap during the day and my mind won’t stop. I did get some dead to the world sleep last night. I am not sure how much, but I would always wake up with a startle and pray I didn’t miss a squeak or squawk that was ultimatley important (i.e. life threatening). I usually am a light sleeper, but being so sleep deprived I am not sure. MoMo is an experienced Momma, plus is a dear sweetheart that is very careful with her pups. And Peony has proven to a good and careful mother as well. I am so proud of both of them. Nonetheless, I still worry. I do not forgive myself easily should anything happen, so it’s just best to have due dilligence in everything I do.

I did pickup the triage/tornado mess outside and it is in my burn barrel, ready to be burned. I have done several loads of puppy and dog laundry and am now working on my mattress pad that Peony christened… LOL I have put some of my whelping supplies away and scrubbed the floor. I have taken my compost items outside but still need to do dishes. Not today, me thinks I will just relax and stick close to the puppers and mommas. My FAMILY! Spotted, but mine.

I took time this morning to get caught up on posting to this blog. I did NOT get head shots or weights last night for Day Four and Day Two respectively. I was DONE… over DONE… FINAE!

Next Puppy head shots and weights!

I just love this photo. Looks like liver girl is saying “YAHOO! I am here!” I love the freckley look of her spotting on her nose and face. If she had both ears straight out I could call her Pippi Longstocking. LOL Who remembers those books from childhood?

NewMo Litter Day 6

Pup 1 – Liver Patch Girl
1′ 5.5 oz

Pup 4 – Liver Girl
1′ 7 1/8 oz

Pup 2 – Black Boy
1′ 9 1/4 oz

Pup 3 – Liver Girl
1′ 6.5 oz

Pup 5 – Black Girl
1′ 5 oz

Peotonio Litter Day 3

Pup 1 – Liver Boy

15 3/8 oz

Pup 2 – Black Girl

13 3/8 oz

Pup 3 – Liver Boy

15 3/8 oz

Pup 4 – Black Boy

14 oz

Pup 5 – Liver Boy

1′ 1/2 oz

Pup 6 – Liver Girl

12 3/8 oz

Pup 7 – Black Boy

14 1/8 oz