NewMo’s 8 Days old

Sleep & Chores and Do No More
July 10, 2022
Peotonio’s Day 5
July 13, 2022

I meant to get 1 week old head shots last night, but I just sat down for a moment and fell asleep! I loved on all the pups when handling them for photos today, but that Black Boy was extra loving to his Momma Julia. SO cuddley and soft and PUPPY BREATH! Actually Black Girl had the best puppy breath today.

Black Boy – 1′ 13 1/2 oz

Liver Girl Patch 1′ 9 1/2 oz

Liver Girl 1′ 11 3/8 oz

Liver Girl 1′ 9 7/8 oz

Black Girl 1′ 8 1/2 oz

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