Oh Me Oh Me Oh My…

NewMo Weights & Headshots – Day 4
July 8, 2022
Sleep & Chores and Do No More
July 10, 2022

Oh Me Oh Me Oh My…

Wasn’t that a whelping!

I am exhausted… This week has been grueling to say the least. I hope I can get some much needed sleep tonight, but there are no guarantees with newborn baby pups in the house. Everytime they squeak I wake up to check on them. All are doing well and Mommas are so good!

I did have company for the 2nd whelping. It made it so much easier to have a recording secretary of the event. Thank you Leslie for the moral support, staying a couple days and watching the crew when I had to go take care of other doggies. <HUGS> It was so very quiet in the house last night. And thank you to friend Irene from doing a pizza pick up and delivery for us when we were way too tired to cook or even make a sandwich. No one delivers out in the country that I know of.

I didn’t stay up to date on my posts or my blog… I had a Spotter deadline to meet on a last minute ad for someone, yes during this circus! LOL I did it! Had to take several breaks as I was actually falling asleep as I was designing. Best to take a quick power nap then mess up all the hard work.