Simone x Mosey

JLS Hickory Smoked Bacon Bit
January 26, 2021
JLS No More Lollygagging
August 6, 2021
Sex: Male
Breeder/Owner: Julia Soukup
Whelped: February 27, 2016
Color: Liver & White
Weight: 50 lbs.
Height: 22 1/2"
Eye Color: Dark Amber
BAER Bilateral
OFA Thyroid: Normal
OFA Hips: Excellent
Normal blood chemistry panel (Liver & Kidney)
Healthy & excellent temperament

Sex: Female
Breeder/Owner: Julia Soukup
Whelped: June 18, 2015
Color: Black & White
Weight: 38 lbs
Height: 22"
BAER: Bilateral
Eyes: Normal
OFA Hips: Good (at 6 years of age)
Healthy & excellent temperament

Timing wasn't good for a frozen semen litter with Newt at this time, I still intend to do that one in 2022. To help keep her healthy and fertile, I decided to breed Simone to Mosey. This is the "MO" litter! Simone's nickname is "Mo Mo". I also call Mosey, "Mosey Mo" at times. SO thus, the "MO" litter. I expect sickening sweet pups that are very pretty, healthy with great temperatments. Both Mosey and Simone have their CHIC.

All six puppies are BAER Bilateral! That means they hear in both ears. This is the third all-bilateral hearing litter sired by Mosey. He does good hearing, pretty spotting with nice sound movement and smart with sweet temperaments.