JLS Soul Sister

JLS Just Call Me Quincy Jones
June 18, 2015
UKC Ch JLS Just A Moseying Along (L)
February 27, 2016

Simone was one that should have been shown but slipped through the cracks. Sometimes life occurrences, get in the way of a timely hobby like showing dogs and humans need to come first... gasp! Simone is cute as a bug's ear, a smaller feminine girl with vivid black and white spotting. She has the sweetest disposition and gives the most endearing smiles and softest kisses you will ever receive.

She was named after the song Soul Sister by Train, and yes I sing it to her. When I am listening to music or singing karaoke at home she knows exactly when it is "her" song! She gets so excited and smiles and sometimes dances. I was proving to a doubter that she does know her song. She was in the whelping box and pups were nursing, the pen was open. I was playing music and suddenly Soul Sister came on and her head popped out of the pen... hey, that's my song! We now have another believer that dogs can be pretty darn smart!

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