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August 6, 2021
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June 23, 2022


(UKC Ch JLS Just A Moseying Along (L) x JLS Soul Sister)

Well I wasn't planning on keeping a boy puppy, but this guy got my attention in a big way. He was the 5th puppy whelped and was STUCK, thus the name "Stuckey". I thought he wasn't going to make it after being stuck for awhile and then having to be pulled out by his head. I did it as gently as I could, up and over and with a contraction, but it still wasn't easy. His famous great grandpa Newt was also stuck when he was born and I had to pull but he was breech, so not as bad pulling on the back feet. This pup came out took a big breath and was alive and strong! He didn't almost stand up like Newt did, but I was impressed at the heart and will to live in this pup. Yep... he got a special place in my heart. 

Stuckey is a character, just like his G-Gpa Newt and Grandpa Blackie. He comes down from a good male side as well as a great maternal side. He is a grandson of my lovely Sabrina and of course a son of Simone who has really proven herself in the whelping box. I think I better hang onto this one. If he produces as well as Newt, Blackie and Mosey, I have a big winner. He also has their beautiful flowing side movement and dark dark eyes like Blackie. 

I hope to get him out in 2022 once or twice, but will wait for real ringtime until he is a bit older and mature. 

Stuckey's Pedigree