JLS Chipotle Bacon Bit

JLS Caramelized Bacon Bit
January 26, 2021
JLS Hickory Smoked Bacon Bit
January 26, 2021


(Ch JLS Everybody Loves Bacon (L) x JLS Soul Sister)

Chipotle is a very handsome, beautifully spotted boy who is sweet and loving. He has big side movement, solid topline and nice angles. If Momma Julia can finally keep up and get him trained,  I hope to get him in the rings in 2022-2023. He has dark eyes, a good rear and nice front. Oh and don't forget pretty feet for you feet fanatics. He has so much to offer in a beautiful package. 

Another boy I did not need... but has has so much GOOD about him. This is one to put on your watch list for the ladies...