Pippi Day 16…

NewMo’s Day 18…
July 22, 2022
NewMo Day 20
July 24, 2022

This post is all about little liver girl Pippi…

Pippi , Pippi, oh my little Pippi! I don’t know what was up with this little girl. I was trying to take a nap and she kept on crying she wouldn’t settle down so I went over and picked her up and held her and she fell asleep and she”s happy as can be. This is the puppy that didn’t want to be held the other day, or any day yet. What the heck? It’s like a switch turned on and all of a sudden she wanted her Momma Julia right now! Pippi got her nap, Julia did not!

May be an image of 1 person and dog
Peotonio Pippi taking a nap on Momma Julia.

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