NewMo’s are getting FUN! – 3 Weeks Old

NewMo Day 20
July 24, 2022
Peotonio Day 18… getting really cute!
July 25, 2022

NewMo’s are getting FUN! – 3 Weeks Old

Okay, they are getting cuter and more fun every day. I like this age cause they are such good snugglers. They don’t demand much YET. Just keep Momma’s milk coming, let them sleep alot. Pick them up and snuggle a couple times a day. Sing and talk to them. Have photo shoots. What a life!

Meanwhile, Momma Julia cleans the whelping pool several times a day, ie wipes it out, and puts the blanket or hospital pad in the washer, hang out laundry to dry at least twice a day. Toenails are starting to feel a little sharp again so time to trim those babies. This makes it easier on the Momma dog’s undercarriage and teats as they nurse they flail their legs and churn with their paws, that has to be painful with sharp little barbed toenails. It also makes it easier for the pups to crawl across the pad or floor as their toenail get stuck if they are longer.

Today I am taking a different angle on the photos. 🙂 ENJOY! Wish I could send you all puppy breath!

Black Boy

Black Girl

Liver Girl Button Nose

Liver Girl Peak Nose

Liver Patch Girl – JLS Tansy Buttons