Peotonio’s Day 15…

Good Nite! Zzzzz…..
July 20, 2022
NewMo’s Day 18…
July 22, 2022

I’ve been busy catching up on website work and sleep, also still taking care of all pups, Momma dogs, dogs, cats, birds & tomato plants on the JLS Farmstead. LOL So excuse me for a pause in the posting and photos.

TA DA! The Peotonio’s on Day 15 (2 Weeks, 1 Day of age). They are a bit slower on the eyes opening all the way. Should be open all the way soon. Ears are opening. They are getting cuter and cuter. My face is bright red from kissing all these checks. oh well… I can wash my face and cover with make up, for I can not resist these baby dolls!

Here are headshot photos taken today.