NewMo’s Day 11

Early Neurological Stimulation – Doing the extra things count
July 13, 2022
Peotonio’s Day 8
July 15, 2022

Today eyes are starting to crack open on some. I believe three are starting to hear, although it is early for the ear canals to be open. Tomorrow is usually the earliest they start hearing. Pups are little chunkers so I decided to not break my kitchen ounce scale and skip doing weights today. They are obviously gaining and growing. Today I will trim their toenails with a small human fingernail clippers. This makes it easier on Momma Dog. Those nails are geting long and sharp. It also helps them crawl around better as long nails get caught in the blanket.

NewMo Pups Day 11. Eyes are starting to crack open. Ears are starting to open. Toenails are getting trimmed! Super Puppy exercises are being done. Kisses on check and being rewarded with PUPPY BREATH is priceless!

Pup 1 – Liver Patch Girl
Pup 2 – Black Boy
Pup 3 – Liver Girl
Pup 4 – Liver Girl Her eyes are cracking open!
Girl Pup 5 – Black