NewMo’s are 2 Weeks Old Today!

Peotonio’s Day 10…
July 17, 2022
Good Nite! Zzzzz…..
July 20, 2022

NewMo’s are 2 Weeks Old Today!

NewMo Liver Girl 3

Good morning little sweetheart! I actually got to go up to my real bed and get a little bit of a nap this morning I came back down put Momo out and proceeded to say “Good morning little sweethearts” in a sing song voice. And all five NewMo’s woke up and held their heads up! Yay all five are hearing as of today Day 14! This little liver girl kept talking to me until I came over and picked her up and gave her some lovin’. We were properly introduced a couple days ago when her eyes and ears were open. “Hello little one, I’m your human momma! I love you! You are beautiful and wonderful!”

I’m exhausted but feel so warm inside. There’s nothing like the reward of having a newborn innocent being appreciate and love you so much. All the hard work does pay off.

UPDATE: this little sweetie got out of the pool today… probably looking for me… 🙂

NewMo’s 2 Week old today! All eyes are open. All ears are open and they are responding to my voice. Next will be determining eye color and watching spotting.

NewMo’s nursing Day 14, plus Peotonio Boy 7 (11 Days old)

Video of NewMo’s sleeping and then waking up to my voice. The Peotonio pup doesn’t have his ear canals open yet. Tomorrow I shall start “testing” the Peotonio’s on day 11.