Keeping it Clean and Tidy

The Final Count
July 8, 2022
Peotonio Day 1 Weights & Headshots
July 8, 2022

All clean and tidy. NewMo Litter – Day Four. I am alternating between hospital pads and thin absorbent blankets or throws. You don’t want too think like a huge folded quilt as the puppies are crawling from day one and have a knack for getting under and inbetween the blanket layers and Momma dog could lay on the pups and suffocate them.

I change the bedding often. I am a clean freak. Hate germs, hate stink. Well who does like those things? A troll? ha ha ha

Anyway, I must mention that outside of my dog pen and by my burn barrel, it looks like a triage center and a tornado met. LOL. Well. not that bad… I was using disposable puppy potty training pads for the whelping this time. I put a blanket or hospital pad down and then lined the top with the puppy pads. After each puppy I could remove the soiled ones and replace with a clean one. I LOVED this. However, I was busy inside so instead of getting a garbage bag and disposing all at once, I just threw them out the back door by my burn barrel. No dogs could get to it and it wasn’t hurting anything. I have not been back out there to pick up and put IN the burn barrell. If all is well this morning I will do just that. Not keeping clean and tidy is one of my pet peeves. The pups and Mommas are clean!