Day 25 and Day 22…

Spotted Suvivor… visiting the NewMo and Peotonio Camps
July 26, 2022
NewMo’s Day 32 (4 weeks, 4 days old)
August 6, 2022

Day 25 and Day 22…

This was really tough to do a selfie with three puppies in my arms but I kind of did it. The lighting wasn't great. I was going to get more of all the pups I can only hold like three at a time since I have to hold the camera too. These are the three liver girls from the NewMo litter at 3 wks 4 days old. Button Nose, Peak Nose and Tansy B.

Just some photos of pups and Momma’s today and yesterday. NewMos are 3 Weeks, 4 days and Peotonio’s were 3 weeks old yesterday.

Peotonio’s Day 22

NewMo’s Day 25