Momma J Better Get Ready…

Milk Already? Oh my!
June 23, 2022
Birthday Pups?
July 2, 2022

Momma J Better Get Ready…

Simone x Newt xray at 55 days post surgical insemination with 20 year old frozen semen.

I have “Whelping Central” all set up in my Living Room! Two of everything, except me… It would be a good time for a clone, so I could trade off sleeping and taking care of momma dogs, whelp pups, plus take care of my other crew. Oh well, I can DO IT!

6/29/22 - Simone was nesting a little in the whelping box but didn't stay in there long. She was back on the couch with me. 

Simone Temperature

Wednesday, 6/29/22 - 8:37 a.m. - 99.6

8:34 p.m. - 99.7

Thursday, 6/30/22 - 12:52 p.m. 100.7

Today I made sure I had everything ready and went through my checklist:
  • 2 Whelping pools with x-pens, draped in sheets for privacy and to keep any drafts out
  • Hospital pads washed and ready for whelping / disposable puppy pads ready for quick whelping clean up in between pups
  • small towels for rubbing pups
  • laundry basket, heating pad and towels for warming box
  • 2 heat lights, one for each pen
  • themometer to keep the whelping pens at the best temperature for newborn puppies
  • small digital scale to weigh each puppy at birth and daily
  • themometer to take dams temperature at least twice a day to catch the temperature drop that indicates whelping is coming soon
  • Alcohol for cleaning 
  • scissors if needed for cutting cords
  • surgical gloves and lubricant if digital exam is necessary
  • ear bulb used to clear throat and nostrils of pups if needed
  • dental floss for tieing any bleeding umbelical cords that are stubborn
  • Guaze and vet wrap in case of emergency
  • Puppy Replacement Milk in case needed.

7/1/22 - Peony temperature - 10:48 a.m. - 100.0

Peony is a first time momma but she knows that is her whelping box! She is so very smart. She has been hanging out in there resting. Not nesting yet.

Peony was more settled last night and only went out a couple times to potty. It was storming last night with thunder, ligntening and a nice big drop rain.

7:33 p.m. - Both girls are quiet and hanging in their whelping pens. I know I told them I wanted a present for my birthday, which is tonight at midnight (July 2). Gee I hope they don't decide to "GO" at the same time. Simone has had pups before but you usually have to keep a closer eye on first time mothers. I have two friends on stand-by who are retired breeders who said I can call them if I need help (day or night). I am so lucky to have such good friends!

Simone had me letting her out several times during the night. She did not always potty. I think she just wanted to dig more holes. I got tired of filling in around my back steps and foundation where she was digging so I filled it back in and them put my puppy ramp over the top of it. The next time she went out she looked at it and then gave a look like "crap", she's blocked me from digging. LOL

 Overall I did not get much sleep and I feel like crud. I better rest/nap today if I can. They are coming!