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    What's New? ~ 2017

April 2018
We have PUPPIES COMING SOON! Due April 24th, 2018! Check out our co-bred upcoming litter and a Summer litter for Miss Fabiola.

Chase, JLS Kelty Chasing Buster Brown Around wins RWD and WD his first 2 times in the ring. RWD at the Wichita Kennel Club (2) show judge Charlotte Patterson and WD/BOH at the Hutchinson Kennel Club under judge Bill Shelton. He has been growing up at home with his owners the Zabroske's and this was his first show experience ever. He LIKED it! He was only entered these 2 days. Fun Dog! Unfortunately we did not get to stay for OH Groups.

Peony, JLS Luscious Peony wins WB/BOS/BOH at the Wichita Kennel Club show and Salina Kennel Club show under judges VL Lyne and JG Reynolds for her first 2 points. She is getting it and loves to show off! She was only entered 2 days and made me proud. Unfortunately we did not get to stay for OH Groups.

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