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JLS Dalmatians have a history of serving the communities that they live in as Therapy Dogs, Public Education Dogs, READ (Reading Education Assistance Dogs), one was a Service Dog (retired), one is a Seizure Assistance Dog and one was trained to be a Guide Dog (retired).

I personally have made Therapy visits with my dogs in the past, but I have not trained a READ, Service Dog, nor a Guide Dog. The owners did it themselves. I am the breeder of Dalmatians that have an aptitude as Therapy dogs and a few as service dogs.

Here is a link to an article that may be helpful: How To Train Your Service Dog Without a Professional Trainer

    NOTE: I briefly read it and I do disagree with the early spay/neuter for a Dalmatian. That is NOT healthy for a Dalmatian specifically. I have in my contract not to spay (female) at 8 months and not to neuter (male) until after a year. Recently (past few years) the thinking and some new facts indicate you should wait until after the growth plates close (different for different breeds). Dalmatians would be around 18 months.

If you are looking for a Therapy Dog, most well bred Dalmatians can make good Therapy Dogs. They should have a friendly, out-going temperament.

If you are looking for a Service Dog or Guide Dog, you will most likely have to wait for just the right puppy. Not every pup in a litter is suited for this kind of work specifically and maybe none in a litter will be suited for it. They must be unflappable in all situations and not TOO overly friendly, as they have a job to do. You must be prepared for the possibility for the dog to "wash out", i.e. not work out for the work that you want them to do.

There is a modified Puppy Temperament (Aptitude) test that they do for service dogs at the same age that you would do the regular Puppy Attitude tesing (7 weeks or 49 days). These tests are not guarantees, but if all goes right, and the owners do their part on training and continued socialization, I find the Puppy Attitude test pretty darn correct on determining the future personality of the pup as an adult. I assume the same is for the modified Service Dog test.

The remainder of this page is a tribute to our wonderful canine ambassadors and their owners. We are very very proud of all of them! Click on the dog's picture or name for detailed information.

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See Therapy Dog/Service Dog Article featuring JLS Dalmatians in The Spotter Spring 2010 Issue (page 72).
Click here for online issue! Or read the article as PDF pages here!
(Note: article is in three collumn format so please read 1st collumn, 2nd and then 3rd. It is a bit confusing the way it was laid out for the magazine.)

Current Therapy, Service and Guide Dogs

IntComCH-B IntBIS, U-AG1 JLS Yankee Doodle Dandy TDI, RA, BN (L) ~ owned by Jane Neely

Macaroni, aka Mackee, is a TDI dog!

Ch JLS Taking The High Road RD NA NAJ TDI (L) ~ owned by Marilyn Kraus

Wrangler passed his final evaluation to be a TDI, Inc. Therapy Dog. He was evaluated during two visits to a medical facility (nursing home visit) and one other visit. He also went to the library for the Paws for Reading program with the children. Good job Marilyn Kraus and Wrang Wrang!

JLS Just A Storm A Brewing RN TDI (L) ~ owned by Susan Zimmerman

Twister received his Therapy Dog (TDI) certification on November 2012. Good job!

Ch JLS I Feel Good RN CGC (L) ~ owned by Shirley May & Julia Soukup
"James Brown"

James is a certified Delta Society Therapy Pet Partner! James and his owner Shirley May visit the Johnson County Libraries, listening to children read. He also visits schools several days every week helping reluctant 1st and 2nd grade readers and students with reading disabilities. He is a certified R.E.A.D., (Reading Education Assistance Dogs).

He also visits assisted living homes to bring comfort to the aged. This includes Hospice work. Click here for article on James Brown.

JLSugar Cookie (L) ~ owned by Lester & Jo Harris

Cookie is a certified Delta Therapy Pet Partner passing the Pet Partners Skills Test (PPST) and Pet Partners Aptitude Test (PPAT) with flying colors and is qualified to vist in complex environments (which is the highest visitation qualification).

Cookie's mom Jo is a school teacher and takes her to school with her. Cookie enjoys each day in the classroom. The children read to her. She has a "Staff" badge, a lunch ticket and even had her class picture taken. She has a calming effect on the students, even the disruptive ones. Good job Cookie and Jo!

JLS Dori Hartleys Crying Sky TDI CGC (L) ~ owned by Danielle Cunningham

"Jinx", JLS Dori Hartely's Crying Sky CGC, TDI (L) is owned by Danielle and is her seizure response service dog. Jinx goes with Danielle to college and helps her when she has a seizure.

JLS Leading The Cavalcade ~ owned by Lindsay Neill & Julia Soukup

Caden was a Service Dog for his owner Lindsay Neill, but unfortunately had to be retired due to a health issue.

Click here for Lindsay's WorkNDogs web site.

IntCH U-ACH ASCA CD JLS Roaring To Go CD NJP RAE TF-III TDIA THD O-NAC (L) ~ owned by Jane Neely

D'Leo and his owner Jane Neely make Therapy visits and community Demo Day visits to nursing homes and schools. D'Leo also has Obedience titles and is training and competing in Agility.

JLS Believe It Or Not RN CGC (L) ~ owned by Susan Zimmerman

Ripley makes visits to assisted living homes with his owner Susan Zimmerman. Ripley has his Rally Novice Obedience title and is training and beginning to compete in Agility.

Past Therapy & Public Pet Education Dogs
More Coming Soon...

JLS All Decked Out, "Decker"

Ch Givens Dalivered Star CGC HIC (L), "Starlet"

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