Ch Givens Star of Igdaliah CGC


BISS Am/Can CH Igdaliah's  M&M Candy Cain CD
BAER Bilateral     OFA Excellent
CH Bottoms Up Gala Bar None

Breeders: Keith & Sandi Carlton, Bar None

Owners: Ronald D. & Marcia Givens, Givens
Retirement Home Owners:  Laurel & Brad Allen


Whelped: November 7, 1991 Black & White 20 1/2"
40 lbs Eye: Very Dark Brown BAER Bilateral OFA Good
Free of Iris Displaysia Liver Factored!    

Star is a Cain daughter and was ranked in the Top 5 Producing Dams in 1998. She produced a total of nine Champions which will put Star on the DCA All-Time Top Producing Brood Bitches list. The following is a list of her Champion produce:
      Ch Givens Peace On Earth   "Noel"       (Givens)
      BISS Ch Givens Dalivered Desire   "Desi"       (Soukup/Givens)
      Ch Givens First Class Delivery   "Hearty"       (Givens)
      Ch Givens Magnificent Star   "Magnum"       (Whetsel/Givens)
      Ch Igdaliah's Tidings Of Great Joy   "Ty"       (Bartels)
      Ch Givens Dalmino JLS Igdaliah CGC   "Cupid"       (Givens/Helt/Soukup)
      Ch Givens Dalivered Star CGC, HIC   "Starlet"       (Soukup)
      Ch Givens All Star Igdaliah CD   "Sonny"       (Kroese/Givens)
      Ch Givens True to Igdaliah   "Venus"       (Givens)

Star & Starlet Brace Team

Star is part of a BIS Brace Team, comprised of Ch Givens Dalivered Star (her Daughter) and herself.

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