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Listed here are the show dogs of JLS breeding, ownership or co-ownership that are currently being shown in conformation. Go to our Obedience and Performance show dogs page for more dogs currently showing. Visit our Champion Show Dogs page for finished Champions and/or dogs that are retired from the show ring. We are very proud of all of them! Click on the dog's picture or name for Pedigree, Career Highlights, and other detailed information.

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Currently Showing in Conformation...

JLS Just A Moseying Along

Owner: Julia Soukup (pictured at 7 months)
Heartland Dalmatian Club Specialty Major WD and Major RWD at 7 months old!

JLS & Bardolyn's Captain Figg

owned by Adolyn Bartels & Julia Soukup
Major Pointed

JLS Fast Action Kimber

Owners: Shelly Jones & Julia Soukup (pictured at 3.5 months)

JLS Black Dalia

Major Pointed 1st weekend out!

JLS Bark Out Loud (L)

JLS Eye Of Newt, Jinx

JLS Eye Of Newt (L)

owned by Christie Dalman, Julia Soukup & Alyssa Dalman
RWD 1st time in ring

JLS Spiffy Gentleman

Major Pointed

JLS Miss Fabiola Doviggy

Up & Coming Conformation Dalmatians...

JLS Just Call Me Quincy Jones


JLS Running With A Band of Gypsys

Owners: Jessica Bogren, Kyler Stephenson & Julia Soukup

JLS Kelty Chasing Buster Brown Around

Owners: John/Cynthia Zabroske & Soukup
Breeders: Dalman/Dalman & Soukup


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