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Listed here are the Champion Dalmatian show dogs of JLS breeding, ownership or co-ownership. JLS currently has 39 AKC Champions of record, 2 Canadian Champions and 2 International Champions with several more pointed or well on their way. 27 of those AKC Champions were bred or co-bred by JLS and 7 of those were finished all from the Bred-By-Exhibitor class. JLS has also bred 8 Obedience titled dogs, 1 RD (Road Dog), 1 RDX (Road Dog Excellent) titled Dalmatians, 5+ Therapy Dogs, 2 Service "Assistance" Dogs (Jinx & Caden-now retired), and 1 retired Guide Dog (Diva).

A few notable dogs that are retired but did not finish in AKC venue for one reason or another are also listed below. We are very very proud of all of them! Click on the dog's picture or name for Pedigree, Career Highlights, and other detailed information.

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Champions or Retired ShowDogs...

Ch JLS Milliflora Petunia (L)

Owners: Mavis Barr, Gilda Turner & Julia Soukup (pictured at 18 months)

Ch JLS & Bardolyn's Captain Figg

owned by Adolyn Bartels & Julia Soukup
HDC Specialty Major

CH JLS Everybody Loves Bacon (L)

owned by Scott & Jean Albrecht & Julia Soukup
Best Junior/Best in Sweepstakes - Heartland Dalmatian Club of Greater Kansas City - Breeder judge Denver Nichols
CH JLS Antonio Doviggy My Pal

BOB over Specials
HDC Specialty Supported 4 pt Major WD/BOW

CH JLS & Bardolyn's First Sergeant (L)

owned by Adolyn Bartels & Julia Soukup
BOB Puppy/Puppy Group 4 OKC Cluster

CH JLS Spotted Bliss Double The Fun (L)

owned by Darryl & Sherri Newill & Julia Soukup
RWD Heartland Dalmatian Club of Greater Kansas City Specialty (1) 1st time in the ring with novice handler 1st time in the ring as well!
JLS Queen Of The Smile, Cleo

BISS Ch JLS Cleopatra Queen Of The Smile (L)

owned by Amber Miller & Julia Soukup
Major Pointed
1st Place DCA Open Liver class
Major WB to finish Heartland Dalmatian Specialty I
BOB Heartland Dalmatian Specialty II
JLS McGillicuddy On Ice

Ch JLS McGillicuddy On Ice (L)

owned by Lisa Baker Zirbel & Julia Soukup

3 Majors 1st full Weekend out!
1st Place DCA National 9-12 class
3rd Place DCA Sweeps 10-12 class
Breed Winner, Bred By Exhibitor Group 1 Winner
BBE Champion
Sidda ~ 3 years old

Am/Can Ch JLS N Dallans Divine Secret (L)

owned by Patty Fyfe & Julia Soukup
Ch JLS N Gentry Senor Marron (L), Benny Brown, Amy Showman

Ch JLS N Gentry Senor Marron (L)
"Benny Brown"

owned by Amy Showman & Julia Soukup
Major Pointed with a BOB over a special his very first weekend out at 7 months old
11 points in three weekends out, undefeated 7 straight shows in a row.
Ravin's Madison Flows From JLS, Madi

Ch Ravin's Madison Flows From JLS

owned by Patrick Jones & Linda Jones
bred by Patrick Jones, Julia Soukup, Linda Jones
DCA National 6-9 Futurity 4th Place
DCA National 8-10 Sweeps 1st Place
(rescinded due to entry in wrong class, she is only 7 months old)
DOT Specialty Supported 4 Pt Major WB
Finished with a BOB from the classes
JLS Black Label

Ch JLS Black Label
"Mr. Black"

2011 DCA National 2nd in 12-18 month Futurity class
2011 DCA National 4th in 12-15 month Sweeps class
Finished with 5 Majors!
JLS Full Of Sass, Sassy Sue

Ch JLS Full of Sass (L)
"Sassy Sue"

2009 DCGSL Specialty Supported Major WB
2009 DCA 1st 9-12 Puppy
2009 DCA 2nd 10-12 Mo Sweeps
Spring 2009 HDC 1st 9-12 Sweeps
Spring 2009 HDC 2nd 9-12 Puppy
Fall 2009 HDC Specialty Best Senior In Sweeps
2010 DCGSL Specialty Supported 5 pt Major RWB
2010 HDC Specialty 1st in BBE (following the National)
2011 DCGSL Specialty II 5 pt Major RWB
August 2011 Specialty weekend 4 pt Major RWB (GDDC)
Finished with WB/BOW/BOB from the classes over a Special!
Mainly shown ocassionally at Specialties or Specialty weekends
Guy ~ 3 years old

Ch Chequers JLS Bon Vivant

Owned by Carolyn Korupp & Julia Soukup
DOT Specialty Supported 5 Pt Mjr RWD
Finished with 3 Majors!
Ch Hollytree JLS Twilight Twinkle

Ch Hollytree JLS Twilight Twinkle

Owned by Gilda Turner & Julia Soukup
DCGA Specialty supported back-to-back 4 point majors
Finished in 2 weekends (6 shows) with 4 Majors!

Ch JLS Almonds & Taffy (L)

2nd 12 - 14 Sweeps Class DCA 2006
Finished in very limited showing with two 4 Point Majors
Tre ~ 14 months old

Ch Chequers JLS Tres Cool CD BN RE CGC

Retired & Owned by Barbara Yamaguchi
Formerly owned & bred by Carolyn Korupp & Julia Soukup
Figgy ~ 15 months old

Ch JLS Freckled Fig Bar None (L)

HDC Specialty Supported Major RWB
DCGSL Specialty 4 pt Major RWB
HDC Specialty Supported 4 Point Major WB/BOW

Ch JLS Taking Bets At Paradox (L)

owned by Lisa & Amy Shaklovitz
Gemstone Dalmatians

Ch Horizon Liberty JLS Roll The Dice

Owned by Cindy Bowman, Vicki Mooney, Diana Skibinski & Norma Bailey

Ch JLS Sabrina Fair

Ch JLS Taking The High Road RD NA NAJ (L)

owned by Marilyn Rother Kraus

Wrangler Five Years Old
Ch JLS KillCreek Last Boy Scout (L)

owned by Glenda & Gina Gray
Egbert 10 months old
Ch JLS KillCreek Egxactly Best RN (L)

owned by Janette Sheldon & Julia Soukup
Ch JLS Miss America (L)


James Brown 17 Months Old
Ch JLS I Feel Good CD RN CGC (L)
"James Brown"

owned by Shirley May & Julia Soukup
Dre 21 months old

Can Ch JLS N Dallans Just A Jr Mint (L)

owned by Patty Fyfe
Dallan Dalmatians
Major pointed

Ch ChocoChip JLS Dalaway's Sun

3/8/2003 ~ 3/15/2012
owned by Judy Pogue & Julia Soukup
Ch KMax Mapleaf J&B At JLS

formerly shown & owned by Julia Soukup &
co-owned by Ann Smith
now owned by Ann Smith
Tutu 17 Months Old
Ch JLS Patience Times Two RE CD
Owned by Janette Sheldon


BISS Ch JLS Just A Fig Newton ROM (L)

#1 Dalmatian in 2002, #4 Dalmatian in 2003
#7 Dalmatian in 2004 (limited showing)
#1 Liver Sire in 2005, #3 Overall Sire
DCA Registry of Merit Sire
BISS (8) Winner, AOM Winner,
Multi-Group Winner & Placer

Newt Eight Years Old unleashed! (casual)
Newt Eight Years 3 Months old Movement

Ch JLS Shades Of The Past
"Shady Lady"
4/10/2000 ~ 3/23/2012
Owned by Julia Soukup & Marjorie Soukup
CHIC# 46423
Strider 13 Months Old
Ch JLS Making Great Strides
4/10/2000 ~ 9/15/2009
CHIC# 35859
Millie 16 Months Old
Ch Lakeshore JLS Millenia Belle ROM
June 6, 1999 - May 7, 2013
Best In Futurity 2000 DCA National Specialty
RWB 2000 DCA National Specialty
DCA Register of Merit (ROM) Dam
CHIC# 60000
Ch Givens All Star Igdaliah CD
Ch Givens All Star Igdaliah CD
Bred by Marcia Givens, Bonnie Helt & Julia Soukup
shown to Ch by Julia Soukup, Marcia Givens, Doug Givens and Hannah Kroese
formerly owned by Hannah Kroese & Marcia Givens
Ch Givens True To Igdaliah CGC
Ch Givens True To Igdaliah CGC
2/12/1998 ~ 6/11/2012
Bred by Marcia Givens, Bonnie Helt & Julia Soukup
shown to Ch by Marcia Givens, Doug Givens & Julia Soukup
now owned by Marcia Givens & Laurel Allen
Ch Givens Dalmino JLS Igdaliah CGC
Ch Givens Dalmino JLS Igdaliah CGC
2/12/1998 ~ 1/17/2012
Bred by Marcia Givens, Bonnie Helt & Julia Soukup
shown to Ch by Julia Soukup & Doug Givens
formerly owned by Marcia Givens, Bonnie Helt & Julia Soukup
BISS Ch Givens Dalivered Desire
BISS Ch Givens Dalivered Desire (L)
5/28/1996 ~ 6/2/2004
Top 10 Dalmatian 1999 - all owner handled

Kansas City Specialty 1999
Ch Givens Dalivered Star CGC HIC
Ch Givens Dalivered Star CGC HIC (L)
5/28/1996 ~ 9/9/2005
CHIC# 35858

Other Notable but Retired Show Dogs.. (Sigh)
JLS Eye Of Newt, Jinx

JLS Eye Of Newt (L)

owned by Christie Dalman, Julia Soukup & Alyssa Dalman
RWD 1st time in ring
JLS American Super Model, Sashay

JLS American Super Model

Pointed in limited showing
HDC 2010 Specialty 6-9 Sweeps 4th place

JLS If I Can Dream (L)

owned by Cheryl Bullard & Julia Soukup
(retired from Conformation but is doing Agility)
JLS Awesome Serendipity Sara, Sara

JLS Awesome Serendipity Sara (L)

Owned by Janis Larson & Julia Soukup
DCA National Specialty 3rd in Open Liver
HDC Specialty 1st in Open Liver
DOT Specialty Supported 4 Pt Mjr RWB
Sunfire ~ 10 months old

JLS Dalaway Fire Of The Sun

Owned by Judith Pogue (Dalaway Dalmatians) & Julia Soukup
DCA 4th Futurity 9-12 Puppy

Sunfire Movement video at 10 weeks old!
Tootie 5 months old

JLS Bar None Tooting My Horn (L)

owned by Scott & Jean Albrecht

JLS Shiny Lip Gloss Bar None (L)

Eagle 10 months old

JLS The Eagle Has Landed Bar None

Owned by Julia Soukup

JLS Bar None Living 'N Spirit (L)
"'N Ecko"

Owned by Darcy Best & Julia Soukup
Caden ~ 2 years old

JLS Leading The Cavalcade

Owned by Lindsay Neill & Julia Soukup
* Service Dog *

Caden Movement video
Decker 11 Months old
JLS All Decked Out

retired early
owned by Fred Coulter
Oliver 12 months old
UAG1 JLS What A Dickens RN (L)

owned by Cheryl Bullard & Julia Soukup
retired to do Obedience and Agility

JLS KillCreek Arietta to Kennan CD RA

owned by Nan Dittrick, Kennan Dalmatians
DOT Specialty 4 Point Major
Just needed 2 single points to finish Championship!
Maddie 9 Months Old
JLS KillCreek Made To Order (L)

retired early
owned by Vickie Reinbold & Shirley Rothfuss

JLS Sprig Of The Fig At SDR (L)

owned by Cinda Haff
Heartland Specialty Best In Sweepstakes
Just needed majors/several major reserves
Leo 10 months old


owned by Jane Neely
Agility/Obedience/Flyball/Therapy Dog.
and does Library Reading visits with children.

First Show Dogs...
High-Dal's Perky Polka Dots
High-Dal's Perky Polka Dots
(High-Dals was my first kennel name for my first home bred litter)
7/18/1994 ~ 9/19/2008
High-Dal's Sir Freckle Nose CGC
High-Dal's Sir Freckle Nose CGC
(High-Dals was my first kennel name for my first home bred litter)
"Freckle Nose"
7/18/1994 ~ 1/26/2009
Vandy's Lady Barkley
Vandy's Lady Barkley
4/14/1993 ~ 7/22/2001

First Dalmatian...
Chewie doing what Chewie did best ~ chew!
Sir Spalding Chewie Daniels
11/1990 ~ 1996

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