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Helpful Links from the Dalmatian Club of America web site.
Finding a Responsible Breeder- Myths and Facts
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Canine Web Sites

Alfredrich Dalmatians
Atlantis Dalmatians
Atlantis Dalmatians ~ Southern Friends
Florida & North Carolina
Blumoon Yorkies
Choco Chip Dalmatians
Dalaway Dalmatians
Deluxe Dalmatians & Hounds
DJ Dalmatians
HapiChin Japanese Chin
Heegee Dalmatians
House Of Tucks French Bulldogs
JLS Dalmatians
jUjU Dalmatians
Pal Dal
Robbsdale Dalmatians
Rockledge Dalmatians
SeaSpecs Dalmatians
Starstruck Yorkies
South Carolina

Club Web Sites

American Foxhound Club
Dalmatian Club of America (DCA)
Dalmatian Club of America Foundation (DCAF)
Dalmatian Club of America National Specialty
Dalmatian Club Of Greater Indianapolis (DCGI)
Heart Of America Kennel Club (HOAKC)
Kansas City, Missouri
Heartland Dalmatian Club of Greater Kansas City ~ KS/MO
Oklahoma City Boston Terrier Club
Oklahoma City, OK
Canine Boarding/Pet Sitter Web Sites

Chapel Hill Pet Resort ~ MO
Paws To Heart Pet Care ~ MD
Other Web Sites

Author/Book Web Site
Emily Joanne Hoover
Author of Hold On To Your Panties and Have Fun!
Dog Show Superintendent Web Site
Foy Trent Dog Shows
Political Campaign Web Site
Steven Johnson: Republican Kansas House Representative
Historical Web Site
Smoky Valley Historical Association
Other Dalmatian Web Sites

Centurion Dalmatians - MO
Fireday Dalmatians - AK
Hollytree Dalmatians - AL
Long Last Kennels - MD
Paisley Dalmatians - MN
Ravin Dalmatians
Tandava Dalmatians - KS
Puppy Names & Other Information

A New Puppy
The Dog Namer
"How To Dremmel Nails"
Early Spay/Neutering Considerations
Canine Clubs & Organizations

Dalmatian Club of America
Dalmatian Club of America Foundation
Dalmatian Organization of Tulsa (DOT)
American Kennel Club
The British Dalmatian Club
Heartland Dalmatian Club of Greater Kansas City
Online Canine Publications

The Spotter
The Spot Report
The Canine Chronicle Online
Dog News Online
Show Sight Magazine
AKC & Dog Show Informational Links

American Kennel Club
Foy Trent Dog Show Superintendent
Jack Onofrio Show Superintendent
MB-F, Inc. Show Superintendent
Rogers Dog Show Superintendent
Roy Jones Dog Show Superintendent aka Sleeper Dog Shows
Jim Rau Dog Show Superintendent
Dalmatian & Canine Health Information

Dalmatian Club of America Health & Research Information
Orthopedic Foundation for Animals
Canine Eye Registration Foundation
The Purple Stuff
Ear Treatment remedy, also for cuts, fungus, hotspots, etc...
Impact of Exercise on Puppy Growth Plates (and Neutering/Spaying)
Chocolate Toxcitity Chart by Dog's Weight & Type of Chocolate
Dog Aware.com - information about natural remedies and diets for various dog health issues.

The Canine Medicine Chest
Natural Solutions for Canine Health
The Merk Veterinary Manual
Alternatives For Animals - Holistic Directory for Pets
Bach Flower Remedies For Humans & Pets
Online information for veterinarians, pet owners, professionals in animal-related fields, and the general public
Veterinary Vision - Animal Eye Specialists
The Show Dog Super Site
Featured Sites & Articles
Melatonin has been found to be helpful when used with dogs who have "thunder-phobia," other noise-related reactions and other stressful situations. Melatonin has been used effectively to reduce seizures in dogs. It has also been used to curb dog aggressive behaviors! When given to a Border Collie with leash/dog aggression issues, "I continued to give him one 3mg daily over the week and also noticed he was calmer towards other dogs when out walking on leash, so it's possible that it could be used with aggressive dogs.
Canine Behavior & Training Information

Robin Tierny's Training Tips
A great wealth of knowledge on puppy training, socializing, dog training, behavior issues and MORE!! A MUST to check out for dog behavior, health, and training tips for Partnership for Animal Welfare (PAW Rescue) adopters, volunteers and the general public.
Sue Ailsby, How to Train for Conformation Stacking
How to train for Conformation Stacking.
Sue Ailsby, How to Train for Conformation Stacking
How to train for Conformation Gaiting.
Fearful Dogs
Working with a fearful, scared or shy dog.
Dogs & Cats Living Together
Training & Behavior Information & MUCH MORE
Many links to just about anything you need to know.
Flying Dog Press Articles
Training Equipment, Philosophy, Agression, Canine Athletes, Training Tips
Can We Help?
A nice collection of information on various behavior issues, helpful tips and training advice.
Dog & Cat Training Puzzles
Interactive mental games for dogs.
Harp music designed to provide enrichment/complementary therapy for pets and people.
Road Trial, Tracking Training, Endurance Test Information

Road Trial Rules & Regulations - Dalmatian Club Of America
Tracking Information ~ Tracking Club of Wisconsin
Endurance Test Rules - Australian
Endurance Test - Schutzhund
Recommended Books

The Official Book Of The Dalmatian - Dalmatian Club Of America
"The Culture Clash" by Jean Donaldson - Learn more about why dogs give aggressive displays. They're natural canine behaviors.
"Dogs Are From Neptune" by Jean Donaldson
"The Cautious Canine" by Dr. Patricia McConnell http://www.dogsbestfriendtraining.com for anyone who has a dog who exhibits fearfulness or anxious behavior toward friendly strangers, either when at home, or when the dog is being walked in public.

Shirley Chong's "The Clicker Cookbook: Step by Step Guide to Good Manners"

Pat Miller's "The Power of Positive Dog Training"

Andrea Arden's "Dog Friendly Dog Training"

Morgan Spector's "Clicker Training for Obedience"

You'll find them available through Dog Wise

Misc. Pet Items

Leashes By Lyndale
Pet Loss

Rainbow Bridge - flash show with music
Rainbow Bridge - poem
Pet Loss Grief Support Web Site
Pet Urns
Dog Boarding/Grooming/Traveling with Dogs

Dog Boarding Locations - Dog boarding locations all over the USA!






Dog In My Suitcase

Breeding Better Dogs - Information

AKC Breeder to Breeder Symposium Series:

Bill Shelton on Developing A Family of Dogs

The Dalmatian Dilemma - White Coat Colour & Deafness
The Canine Diversity Project
This project is trying to introduce a rational modern approach to dog breeding.
Popular Sires Syndrome
The Dalmatian Backcross Project
Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test.
Choosing the right home for your puppy or Choosing the right puppy for your home!
Canine Inherited Disorders Database
Database of inherited disorders by Breed.
Australian & NZ Online Pedigree Database
Vet Gen
veterinary genetic disease research and genetic disease detection services for purebred animals.
VetGen's new ChromaGene? DNA test for Coat Color in Dalmatians - Click here.
Breeding Information Resource

The Maternal Grandsire

Omerta: The Breeders Code of Silence

Breeding Better Dogs
This is a web site resource of many Articles
Super Puppy: Early Neurological Stimulation

Canine Teeth & Bite Alignment Article
written by C.A. Sharp, provided by the Australian Shepherd Health & Genetics Institute
Bite (Teeth) Definitions
written by C.A. Sharp, provided by the Australian Shepherd Health & Genetics Institute
Veterinary Services

Abeline Animal Hospital PA
Atherton Veterinary Clinic
If the day comes that your pet needs help, and you need financial assistance, here are a few organizations that may help:

The Big Hearts Fund (financial assistance for the diagnosis and treatment of canine and feline heart disease): bigheartsfund.org
The Binky Foundation: binkyfoundation.org
Brown Dog Foundation (prescription medications): browndogfoundation.org
Canine Cancer Awareness: caninecancerawareness.org
Cats In Crisis: catsincrisis.org
The Dog & Cat Cancer Fund: dccfund.org
God's Creatures Ministry Veterinary Charity: www.all-creatures.org
Help-A-Pet: help-a-pet.org
IMOM.org: IMOM.org
Magic Bullet Fund (cancer-specific): themagicbulletfund.org
The Mosby Fund: themosbyfoundation.org
The Onyx & Breezy Foundation: onyxandbreezy.org
Paws 4 A Cure: paws4acure.org
Pet Food Bank: www.petco.com
Pet Food Stamps: petfoodstamps.org
The Pet Fund: thepetfund.com
Pets of the Homeless (pet food and veterinary care assistance for homeless): www.petsofthehomeless.org
RedRover Relief: redrover.org
Rose’s Fund: rosesfund.org
Shakespeare Animal Fund: www.shakespeareanimalfund.org
Top Dog Foundation “Bentley Grant”: topdogfoundation.org

Some dog breed-specific veterinary care assistance programs:
CorgiAid: corgiaid.org
Special Needs Dobermans: doberman911.org
Dougal's Helping Paw (Scottish Terriers, West Highland White Terriers and other small, short-legged terriers): http://www.welcome.to/dougalsfund
Labrador Harbor: labradorharbor.org/
Labmed: labmed.org
Labrador Lifeline: labradorlifeline.org
Westimed (West Highland White Terriers): westiemed.org
Pyramedic Trust (Great Pyrenees): http://www.angelfire.com/bc2/pyramedic/summary.html

Veterinary care assistance for working/service dogs:
Helping Harley Cancer Treatment Grant: http://grants.landofpuregold.comAssistance Dogs Special Allowance Program: http://www.cdss.ca.gov/cdssweb/PG82.htm ..

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