National Specialty Winners

National Specialty Class Winners or Placers:
James Brown-3
Mr. Black-2

Obedience and Performance Titles

Obedience High In Trial (D'Leo, Skookum)
CD title (Solo, Betty, Pirate, Lorri, Skookum)
ASCA CD title (D'Leo)
UKC CD title (Solo)
Rally Novice title (Solo, D'Leo, James Brown, Pirate)
Rally Advanced title (D'Leo, Pirate)
NAJ title (Blaze, Skookum)
NA title (Blaze, Skookum)
OA title (Blaze, Skookum)
AXJ title (Skookum)
NF title (Skookum, Blaze)
Tracking Dog title (Skookum)
Versatile Companion Dog (Skookum)
FlyBall title (D'Leo)
CGC certificate earners (Pilgrim, Betty, James Brown, Cody, Pirate, Skookum)

Regional Specialty Winners

Specialy BOS Winner (Herby)
Specialty AOM Winner (Sunny)
Best In Sweepstakes winners (Twig, Herby)
Specialty WD Major winners (for a total of 8 Specialty wins) (Brooks-3, Riley-3, Sunny-1, Dre-1)
Specialty WD Winner (Herby-2)
Specialty RWD winners (Riley-1, Morgan-1, Blaze-1, James Brown-1, Dre-3, Herby-2, Frostman-1, Figgy-1)
Specialty supported BOB winners (Herby)
Specialty supported Major winners (total of 5 supported wins) (Brooks-1, Frostman-1, Blaze-1, James Brown-1, Sunny-1, Herby-1, Figgy-1, Twinkle - 2)
Specialty supported winners (Brooks-1, Sunny-2, Merica-1, Herby-1, Iris-1, Twig-1)
Specialty supported RWD or RWB winners (D'Leo-1, Sunny-2, Merica-1, Herby-2, Figgy-1, Guy-1)
BOS in Sweeps winner (Brooks)
Best Junior In Sweeps winner (Brooks)
Best Senior In Sweeps winners (Riley-3, Brooks, Betty-1)

Other Rankings & Achievements

All-Breed Best In Show Puppy (Specialty weekend) (Brooks)
Best Puppy In Match winners (Brooks, Herby)
Canadian Champions (Solo, Dre)
BOB from Puppy over Specials in Canada (Dre)
Multiple Group Winner & Placer in Canada (Solo)
Multiple BOB & GROUP Placements in USA (Grace)
DCA Top Spot Ranked Number 42 Breed and 39 All-Breed for 2005 in very limited showing (Solo)
Number 1 Ranked Puppy in Canada for 2004 (Solo)
Number 26 Ranked Adult in Canada for 2004 (Solo)
Number 11 Ranked Adult in Canada for 2005 (Solo)
Number 35 Ranked Adult in Canada for 2005 (Dre)

AND... from the BBE Class:
WB/BOW/BOB & Group 3 winner (MAJOR) at 6 months old
WB/BOS over 2 Specials for a 4 point MAJOR at 10 months old
WB/BOW/BOS over Specials for a 4 point MAJOR to finish at 14 months old!