My name is Julia Soukup. I have been involved in dogs my whole life, however, formally for the past nine years. In the beginning I was just dog crazy and would bring home any stray that would follow me, to my mothers dismay. My first purebred dog was a Boston Terrier we had as a family dog during my childhood. Next was a Collie my mother bought me when I was in Junior High. I purchased my first Dalmatian in 1991 and have been hooked on this beautiful, fun-loving breed ever since.

Julia's Interests:

DOGS!         Home Remodeling          Horses          Antiques      Gardening (Flowers, Roses, Trees etc.) If the
                                                                                                              dogs would ever let me!
Pedigree Research also seems to be a passion! (or a sickness)

Marjorie is Julia's mother and watches the house, dogs, etc. while Julia and the spotties are out playing at the dog shows. Dogs are not her passion and although she admits to loving only Starlet (and now Millie too!), I know she really loves them all. Move over Starlet and Millie, Grandma has found the love dog of her life, Shady Lady! She is a good grandma and the dogs all love her!

Marjorie's Interests:

Gardening (Vegetables & Fruit)      Home Remodeling     Sewing      Baking       Reading/Writing in her journal