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Hip Xrays for OFA and/or PennHIP
Hip Displaysia is not a big problem in Dalmatians with only 4.5% of those tested being dysplatic (OFA Statistics from January 1974 through December 2012). However, to help ensure a breeding line is striving for improving the breed and not passing on health issues many reputable breeders have xrays done on their dogs hips before breeding.

    Click here for more information on Hip Dysplasia from the Dalmatian Club of America.

There are two registries Orthopedic Foundation for Animals and PennHIP. I have used both. For more information please click on the links below:

    Click here for more information about the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals or to look up a particular dog in the online database!

    Click here for more information about PennHIP.

A bad xray can make a dog that has good hips look bad and they will fail. Make sure your vet knows how to get a good xray.

JLS Dalmatians Hip Xrays

I wish I would have started long ago taking photos of the xray films of my dogs before they were sent off to OFA or PennHIP for my records, but alas I did not. I have recently started keeping photos for my records and have decided to share them here with you. It is interesting and if you are like me, you are always eager to learn more.

Please note the quality of the xray machine, age of the toner, etc... can all make a difference in your xray quality and thus your rating. Digital xrays are great as you can retake as many times as needed and are not wasting actual film. Also you will get the images sent to you for your records. And sumission to OFA and/or PennHip should be faster. For OFA xrays, you will need to decide if you will have your dog sedated for the procedure or not. Some vets will only take Hip xrays when sedated. I am sure it is much easier for the vet to get the hips level, femurs parallel, and knee caps in the center when your dog is not struggling. I personally do not have my dogs sedated, we can usually get them settled and then I run out of the room. With PennHIP the dog has to be sedated, no choice.

Excellent Hips
OFA Excellent

female 6 years old
(not sedated)

PennHIP .15/.16
(the best in the Dalmatian database to date)

male 2 years old
(digital xray/sedated)

OFA Excellent

male 2 years old
(digital xray/sedated)

Good Hips
OFA Good

male 3 years old
(not sedated)

Unrated Hips
Did not send in

female 4 years old
(not sedated)

In this xray the dog is not in good position. The hip joint obviously looks good, but the femurs should be parallel with the knee caps in the center of the leg. Since this was for OFA, I opted to not send in and will take again later.

With OFA the breeder has a choice to send in or not. With PennHIP you do not have a choice. The xrays MUST be submitted whether you like the xray or not. With PennHIP it is so important to go to a vet that is highly recommended by others. Why take a chance on not getting a good rating because the xray is bad?

I want the xray to be an honest evaulation of the hips. If you are taking the time/money/dedication to evaluate your breeding dogs then make sure it is a good one! I hope this page helps.


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