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Dalmatian Puppies - Gilby, Raisin, Newt

Julia Soukup with Ch JLS Sabrina Fair.

Julia with her beloved Newt, #1 Dalmatian in the US Breed System for 2002, MBISS Ch JLS Just A Fig Newton ROM (L). All breeder owner handled by Julia.

Julia Soukup

Julia Soukup is the breeder, owner, handler of her JLS Dalmatians. A dog lover her entire life made showing dogs the perfect hobby, and breeding her own line of dogs became her passion. "They are not just dogs but also my family. I am proud of them and we share a bond that is so much beyond just time in a ring."

Julia is the member of two all-breed clubs, The Salina Kennel Club and the Hutchinson Kennel Club, as well as The Dalmatian Club of America, Heartland Dalmatian Club of Greater Kansas City and the Dalmatian Organization of Tulsa.

Julia is an aspiring judge and has met all the requirements except for turning in her application and getting approved by the AKC. She has judged multiple sweepstakes assignments, the most noteworthy being Sweepstakes at the 2013 Dalmatian Club of America National Specialty with an entry of 141.

Julia with her Best In Sweepstakes winner at the 2013 Dalmatian Club of America National Specialty show. Winner is GCh Ch HeartSpot's See What You Can Do Pippa owned by Cathy Sadler. Bred by Cathy Sadler and Nancy Reiter.
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JLS is the name that I chose to distinguish the Dalmatians of my ownership and/or breeding. My Dalmatians are house companions and are considered my children. I strive to breed sound, healthy Dalmatians with good stable outgoing temperaments that will make lovely companions. After that is achieved, I hope for some really great specimens of the breed which I hope will compete in conformation, obedience, performance as well serve in Therapy and community service roles.
My very first Dalmatian pedigrees and my very first litter included dogs from the Van-Dal, Little Slam, Fowler's, Marjon's, Coachman and Erin.
Perky & Barkley

High-Dal's Perky Polka Dots & Vandy's Lady Barkley

High-Dal's was my first kennel name and was used in naming the Dals from my very first litter out of my Barkley.

The JLS breeding program began with the purchase of a bitch from the Givens, Ch Givens Dalivered Star CGC HIC, "Starlet". Starlet's pedigree combines a Bar None bred "Cain", BISS Ch Igdaliah's M&M Candy Cain CD ROMX, daughter with a Givens bred Cain son, which includes some great old dogs from classic lines such as Coachman, Tuckaway, and Korcula. And predominantly, the famous and one of the breeds top producers, "Mickey", Ch Count Miguel of Tuckaway ROMX.

Starlet & Julia

Julia & Starlet

Starlet The Lion!
After looking at several dogs, reading and discussing line breeding and outcrossing with a few long time breeders, I chose to do a line breeding for Starlet's first litter sired by Ch Givens Special Delivery, "Macho". From this litter I got the following promising 1st generation JLS show dogs: Ch JLS Making Great Strides, "Strider", Ch JLS Shades Of The Past, "Shady Lady" and JLS Darlin Jill CD, "Jill".
The late Max Bradley Kemp of KMax Dalmatians, told me about a litter by her Ch KMax Law & Order ROM (L) which was out of a Cain granddaughter. Needless to say, I acquired a lovely black & white bitch bred by the Rogers of Lakeshore Dalmatians, Ch Lakeshore JLS Millenia Belle ROM, "Millie". Millie comes down from Hollytree on the dams side and also includes dogs from Paisley, Coachman, Centurion, Alfredrich, MGR, and Tuckaway lines. A great pedigree which incorporates nicely with my dogs. Thank you to Sharon & Dave for allowing Millie to come and live with me in Kansas! She not only has proven herself as a wonderful companion, but was also a good producer (DCA Register of Merit Dam) and an excellent show dog. Millie was both Reserve Winners Bitch and Best in Futurity at the Dalmatian Club of America National Specialty in 2000! She is also the dam of our 2002 #1 Dalmatian in the US, MBISS Ch JLS Just A Fig Newton ROM (L), ""Newt"!
Millie the MOM nursing puppies very happily!

Millie The MOM Nursing her pups very happily!
Millie The Show Dog!

Millie The Show Dog!
Stepping back a bit, I bred "Millie" to my handsome "Strider" combining my two foundation bitches (Millie and Starlet) and they produced the following 2nd generation JLS Show Dogs:
MBISS Ch JLS Just A Fig Newton ROM (L), "Newt" and Ch JLS Patience Times Two RA, "Tutu".

I have continued to linebreed on my two foundation girls and then outcross to bring in desireable traits and genetic diversity always keeping health, intelligence and temperament at the forefront of my program. I am excited about the future of the JLS line. Newt is producing wonderful puppies with outgoing sweet temperaments, his exceptional topline and tail set, his stylish body as well as his flashy clean flowing movement. See Newt's Progeny (kids) here. My Millie/Starlet daughters and granddaughters are producing lovely puppies with outstanding temperaments and beautiful movement.

I have been a dog & horse lover since early childhood. My special childhood buddies were a Boston Terrier named "El Toro" or "Toro", a Collie named "Laddie" and a young green-broke horse named "Skip".

I purchased my first Dalmatian "Chewie" in 1991 and am hooked on this breed for life!

I have been owned by Dalmatians for 24 years and have been showing and breeding Dalmatians for over 21 years and I stil have alot to absorb and learn, some from listening to others and some from pure experience. JLS Dalmatians currently has 32 AKC Champions of record, 2 Canadian Champions and 2 International Champions with several more pointed or well on their way. 26 of those AKC Champions were bred or co-bred by JLS and 6 of those were finished all from the Bred-By-Exhibitor class. JLS has also bred 8 Obedience titled dogs, 1 RD (Road Dog), 1 RDX (Road Dog Excellent) titled Dalmatians, 5+ Therapy Dogs, 2 Service "Assistance" Dogs (Jinx & Caden-now retired), and 1 retired Guide Dog (Diva).. See Our Therapy/Service Dogs featured in the Spring 2010 Issue of The Spotter online! (page 72). Thank you to the owners of these dogs for making it possible for these special Dalmatians to live up to their potential.

JLS has also had the grand and rare priviledge of producing as well as breeder/owner handling a Dalmatian to be the #1 Dalmatian in the country for 2002. MBISS Ch JLS Just A Fig Newton ROM (L), "Newt", was the #1 Dalmatian Breed list and #4 All-Breed list in only 7 months out all breeder/owner handled with NO ADVERTISING! This is a first in the history of the Dalmatian breed. Newt also accomplished his number one ranking specialing from the age of 7 months to 14 months of age!

Despite an injury very early in his career he finished #1 that year and was #4 and then #7 the subsequent years in only a handful of shows. Newt had two very nice offers of backing, but I decided Newt was my boy and we did it all together. I could not bear to send him out without me. Newt has proven extreme consistancy in his winning record by being in the exclusive Top 10 for three years and overall the Top 20 for five consecutive years! Newt was the 2002 Pedigree Award winner, 2003 Westminster AOM, 2004 Dalmatian Club of America Best Stud Dog and 2004 DCA AOM. Newt currently has 17 AKC Champions, 2 Canadian Champions, 7 Obedience titled kids, 3 Agility titled kids, and 1 Tracking Dog titled kid. He has three more major pointed and close to their championships and several others pointed. He also has kids that are doing very well in Therapy work and READ (Reading Education Assistance Dog)! We are THRILLED with all that his kids are accomplishing in all venues! Thank you to the breeders and dedicated owners for making us so proud!

Newt ranked as one of the top stud dogs in the breed for three consecutive years and is continuing to produce Champion kids! He is a Dalmatian Club of America Register Of Merit sire in limited breeding. Good boy Newt!

Julia has served the AKC dog community as well as her local community in several roles in the past 17 years:

Julia currently serves as:

My overall goal for the JLS line is to be known to consistently produce Dalmatians sound in mind and body: specifically with good temperaments & intelligence, good health, good front assemblies with proper layback, length of upper arm and prominent forechest; typey structure with nice angulation front and rear and effortless side gait. I vow to compete and participate in the world of dogs with honesty, integrity and fairness.
I would like to thank my good college buddy, Leigh Ann (Perry) Montoy, for introducing me to the world of AKC dog shows and purebred dogs. Little did I know what she was getting me into back then!

And thank you to the many friends I have made at the shows over the years for your support, cheering, friendship and advice. You guys are great! I hope I will have many more years in this wonderful breed and with my wonderful dog friends, you know who you are!

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