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Dalmatian Gait - The gait of a Dalmatian should be sound and balanced, effortless and efficient with purposeful reach and drive with no leg interference and good foot fall timing. Dalmatians were bred for endurance trotting so a Dalmatian that is true to "Dalmatian type" should be able to trot all day long with a minimum of effort. There is nothing more beautiful than a correct moving Dalmatian flowing efficiently with long ground covering strides around the show ring or in your backyard!

Here is a link to a site that shows lameness in dogs normal gaiting patterns: Canine Lameness Learning Module

Pictured below are movement shots of Dalmatians of JLS breeding or those produced by our stud dogs.
JLS Black Dalia

Dalia movement pictured at 11 months old.

Dalia at 12 months of age. Nice, clean, balanced reach and drive and kick! The correct head carriage is so it is level with topline, but she was pulling. This head carriage is commonly seen in the show ring but the head dropped level for the most efficient movement is proper "coaching" position for a Dalmatian. Still a nice photo of her movement overall.
Ch JLS Black Label
"Mr. Black"

Video is of Mr. Black practicing at 10 1/2 months old... need to work on not pulling, especially on up and back!

Mr. Black at 9 weeks of age. Nice, clean, reach and drive and kick!
Ch JLS N Gentry Senor Marron (L)
"Benny Brown"

Benny Brown movement pictured at 6 1/2 weeks old!

JLS Leading The Cavalcade

Caden pictured at 2 years old.

Caden on the move!
Click here for Caden Movement video!
Ch JLS Full Of Sass (L)
"Sassy Sue"

Photo by Terri Kiker with my video camera.

Sassy Sue at the DCA  National at 11 months old
Sassy Sue pictured at the DCA National 11 months old.
JLS Awesome Serendipity Sara (L)
Sara on the move!
JLS Dalaway Fire Of The Sun

Sunfire pictured at 10 Months old.

Sunfire on the move!
Click here for Sunfire Movement video at 10 weeks old!
Hollytree JLS Hats Off To You

Photo by Gilda Turner,
Hollytree Dalmatians

Stetson pictured at 9 weeks old.
Ch Horizon Liberty JLS Roll The Dice

Photo by Diana Hadsall

Yahtzee pictured at 6 months old.
JLS Bardolyn's Polonaise BarNone (L)

Photo by Cheryl Bullard,
Windswept Dalmatians

Poli pictured at 6 months old.
Ch JLS Sabrina Fair

Sabrina pictured at 7 months old.
She was pulling like a banshee and hard to really let her out, but we see potential here!
Ch JLS Taking The High Road RD NA NAJ(L)
Wrangler's movement is breathtaking when he is really on the move. Wish we had a video of him in the ring or on the trail!

Wrangler pictured at 16 months old
Wrangler gets his Road Dog Title!
Ch JLS KillCreek Last Boy Scout (L)

BISS Ch JLS Just A Fig Newton ROM (L)

Newt's signature flashy clean, flowing and sound movment. And his kid's and grandkids are movers as well.

Newt pictured at 7 months old

Newt pictured at almost 5 years old
Ch JLS Making Great Strides

Strider pictured at 9 months old
Strider - May 2001
Strider pictured at 1 year old
JLS Darlin Jill CD
owned by Kim Hanna Jenning
Tandava Dalmatians
Jill - May 2001
Jill pictured at 1 year old
BISS Ch Givens Dalivered Desire (L)
Desi Movement Video Clip
Motion video clip:
Desi handled by owner Julia Soukup at the Heartland Dalmatian Club Specialty in Kansas City in March of 1999.

Double click on picture to download and auto play videoclip.
(20 minutes download time at 28.8)

2 Stars BIS Brace Team
"Star & Starlet"

Ch Givens Dalivered Star CGC HIC
Ch Givens Star of Igdaliah ROMX

Star & Starlet - Mother/Daughter
Photo Copyright © 1997 Nancy Welsch

Conformation Brace competition at the 1997 DCA National in Detroit, MI.

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