Pedigree of Givens Awaited Delight CD
CH Van-Dal's Standing Ovation CDX
CH Van-Dal's Oliver
CH Polka's Protegee Of Proctor
CH Merry Polka Of Tallara
Gemini Of Tallara
Bri-Dal's Victoria
Shok-A-Dot Of Proctor
CH Crestview Steal A Kiss
Crestview Covetous Glances
CH Van-Dal's Cinnamon Crisp
CH Van-Dal's Whipper Snapper
CH Crestview Thunderstar
Dona Perro Del Punto CD
Christi's Miss Tache Wee Way CD
Prince Pongo Of Weeway CD
Kim's Sassy Sinderella
Namaka's Apache Tears
CH Namaka's Hapi-Dal Coacher CDX
Mardan's Storm Satyr
CH Quaker's Acre Storm Warning
Lady Fatima
Tinkers Teardrops Of Lo-mar
Wagoneers Tinker The Thinker
Lotsa's Faster Girl Of Natoma
La Yeti
CH Polka's Protegee Of Proctor
CH Merry Polka Of Tallara
Shok-A-Dot Of Proctor
Miss D Diplomat
Terry's Pal Freckles
Lady Domino Dominique
R Givens Buttons
Jesse Isaac Hall
CH Dal Downs Nordic UDT
Labyrinth Obviously UDT
CH Bob Dylan Thomas Of Watseka
CH Labyrinth Tuckaway Julep
CH Dal Downs Dicie Of Shadodal UDT
CH Panore Of Watseka UDT
CH Shadodal's Sumpunkins CD
Dominoes January Blues
Dal Downs Quito, Cdx
D And D's Dark Penny
Double Dot Domino
CH Dal Downs Nordic UDT
Griff's Polka Dot
Smilen Dottie
Billy Beau Jack
Bushes Dom Perignon
CH Coachmaster's Fonzarelli
Mona Lisa Viii
Safari's Moon
Polka Dot Safari
Daizy May
Ranger's Divine
Perkinsian Ranger
Duke Of Spotts
Hibernian Doll
Glencoe Mitsey
Gabriel Arrow Mannassas
Courtney's Spotted Lady

Coefficient of Inbreeding of Givens Awaited Delight CD is 0%.

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