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Article by Shirley May, 2007

CH JLS I Feel Good RN CGC (L)
James Brown and Shirley May
BISS CH JLS Just A Fig Newton (L)
Ch Givens Dalivered Star CGC HIC (L)
CH James Brown CGC, Delta Therapy, son of JLS Newt, has a fun task on Wednesday mornings. He visits Brookridge Elementary School in Overland Park, Kansas. James encourages reluctant readers in the first and second grade to read. How does he do this? First, he gives his paw to say good morning. As the student reads James waits patiently listening with his ears perked.

When the reading is completed, the student then reads James his favorite Cheerio Book. The pages have indentations in some of the pictures in which the student places a cheerio...then the book is placed under James' chin and he eats the Cheerios. He has to wait while the student is assembling all of this. The students have learned the commands, wait and free. He is very patient!

James has learned to count to three. If the student says one and holds up one finger, James will give his paw once. Two and three are the same procedure.

James is a R.E.A.D Dog (Reading Education Assistance Dog). He is certified by Intermountain Therapy in Salt Lake City, Utah. James is in training at the Sunflower Kennel Club. He I are working on his CD, which we hope to have in the spring.

He also greets the secretaries as we check in. He makes their day! As we walk down the hall at school, James stops to say good morning to the disabled children. Even the custodian is happy to see James. He takes care of a lots of stress!

James also visits the libraries in Johnson County listening to children read. He does this year around. James just turned four and I think he's done so well.

He's funny too. He barks at the fireplace and TV when he wants them on. He also gets his ball and brings it to me when he wants a treat. He never stops until I take care of these things.

~ Shirley May 2007

Shirley with James Browm and KyAnn
Shirley, James Brown and KyAnn, Five Alarm KyAnn.
KyAnn is also a Reading Education Assistace Dog and Delta Therapy Pet Partner.

A big Thank You to my dear friend Shirley May for all that she does voluntarily to help children, her community, Dalmatians as a breed and the Dalmatian Club of America Foundation, Inc. You are special and touch the lives of all that you meet just as your dogs do.

~ Julia Soukup

James Brown is a Read Education Assistace Dog
James Brown is a Read Education Assistace Dog

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James Brown 4 Point Major


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