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We ocassionally have quality Dalmatian puppies available as Show Dogs, Obedience and Performance dogs as well as companions/pets.

First and utmost, JLS Dalmatians strives to breed sound, healthy Dalmatian puppies with good, stable, and outgoing temperaments that will make an excellent member of anyone's family. After that is achieved, we hope for some really great Dalmatian puppies according to the (Dalmatian Standard) which we hope will compete in conformation, obedience, and performance events. Several of our dogs are Therapy Dogs, READ (Reading Education Assistance Dogs), as well as Service Dogs.

JLS adult Dalmatians almost always have the following health tests prior to breeding as a minimum requirement, but many times we also have Elbows and Thyroid checked as well:

Detailed and accurate records of past breedings as well as all current puppies are kept to ensure the health, temperament and longevity of the JLS line. Each breeding is done with the goal of improving and continuing the standard of excellence that we require of JLS Dalmatian puppies as well as to be an asset to the Dalmatian breed as a whole.

Click here for our Health information page and to see JLS Dalmatian specific health information currently on record.

If you are interested in adding a JLS Dalmatian Puppy to your family, please fill out our
Puppy Application Form or email us.
JLS Dalmatian Puppies Receive:
BAER (hearing) Testing
Puppy Developmental Stimulation Exercises
Puppy Aptitude or Temperament Testing - so we can match the best possible puppy to your family needs.
Socialization with other dogs, adults & children at the critical developmental phases.
Exposure to many different environments, objects, textures, and smells.
Puppy Shots & worming up to date at the time of departure to their new homes.
You Receive:
Puppy Packet full of helpful information.
  6 Generation Pedigree and extended pedigree on request.
  "How To Raise A Puppy You Can Live With" - book full of helpful information on raising your new family member.
  A Lifetime information resource to you and your new puppy from JLS Dalmatians.
  A faithful, loving new family member - YOUR JLS DALMATIAN PUPPY!
Please make sure that you are ready for a life-long commitment when adding any pet to your household. Make sure you get your new dog from a reputable and responsible breeder. A breeder that guarantees your new dog free from hereditary defects, one who will help you throughout the entire life of the dog, and one who requires that they will take the dog back if for any reason you can no longer keep it. A responsible breeder should require you to spay or neuter your new dog if it is not show quality or if you have no intention of showing in conformation. A responsible breeder is concerned about the dog as long as it may live.


PUPPY Waiting List

If you are interested in adding a JLS Dalmatian Puppy to your family, please fill out our
Puppy Application Form or email us to get on our waiting list!
I am very excited about this breeding. These two should make a perfect match. Pedigree is outstanding. Both Mosey and Fabiola have fabulous temperaments, high intelligence and are healthy and beautiful.


UKC Ch JLS Just A Moseying Along (L)

Mosey is a nice young boy with an exceptional temperament and flowing, effortless movement. He has pretty open spotting, is short coupled, and sound. He is BAER Bilateral, OFA Thyroid Normal and HIPS Excellent. CHIC #
  • BAER Bilateral
  • OFA Hips Excellent
  • OFA Thyroid Normal
  • Blood Chemistry Panel Normal
    Health testing for GENERATIONS in the pedigree, not just sire and dam.
  • Click here to check the OFA online database for verification of results.

    JLS Miss Fabiola Doviggy

    Fabiola is a very sweet, pretty girl. Super smart and a talker.
  • BAER Bilateral from an all-bi litter of 9
  • OFA Hips Good
  • OFA Thyroid Normal
  • Full Chem Panel & Bloodwork all Normal at 3 years of age
    Health testing for GENERATIONS in the pedigree, not just sire and dam.
  • Click here to check the OFA online database for verification of results.

    Click here for a pedigree and more information/photos on this litter.
    Co-Bred Litter at Hollytree/Chelsea Dalmatians ~ Whelped September 3, 2019! (on Newt's 18th birthday).
    UPDATE: There are 6 puppies: 5 boys and 1 Girl in both black and liver.
    GCH JLS Milliflora Petunia BCat, "Petunia" is co-owned with Gilda Turner and the late Mavis Barr. Puppies will be whelped and raised in Alabama.

    There is one beautiful black & white male show prospect available. Contact Gilda Turner at turner_gilda@yahoo.com or visit her website at: hollytreedalmatians.com

    ENG Champion Offordale Chevalier

    GCH JLS Milliflora Petunia BCat



    We have more exciting "FUTURE" litter ideas in mind. Check back or Email Julia.
    I have plans to breed my lovely and super sweet "Simone", JLS Soul Sister in Spring 2020. More information in near future.

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