Vandy's Lady Barkley

April 14, 1993 - July 22, 2001

    Vandy's Lady Barkley

AKC #: Available on Request

Sex: Female
Kennel: JLS Dalmatians
Owner: Julia Soukup
Breeder:   Roberta Justesen
Whelped: April 21, 1993 - July 22, 2001 Color: Black & White
Weight: 47 lbs.
Height: 22 1/2"
Eye Color: Very Dark Brown
BAER: Bilateral
OFA: not done
CERF: not done

Barkley was a very highly intelligent, sensitive and mellow girl. She is greatly missed here by all of us at JLS Dalmatians. She was one in a million! Although I consider all of my Dals smart, Barkley was unique in that I could explain a situation to her and she would then cooperate. She would do anything for "Mom". The others may be smart enough to understand, but may not take the time to listen or are too high on their pedestal to do so. Barkley knew she was one of my favorites, but it never went to her head. She never whined or complained. She was a TRUE LADY.

Barkley was also the best darn tennis ball catcher I have ever seen. No matter how you threw it, bounced it or banked it, she almost always got her ball! And designated POPCORN requester and catcher extrodinaire. She would ask for Popcorn for the whole group. She would come to you in the living room and bark twice and do a circle flip thing where she turned a complete circle in one motion so she was facing you again. Ask her what she wanted and she would flip again and bark twice. "Pop" , "Corn" she would say. She would then lay in the doorway of the kitchen and watch you pop it. As soon as it was done the catch games were on... or chicken peck (where you throw a whole handful in the air and they try for a few and then end up gobbling it off the carpet like chickens with scratch. It was quite entertaining.

Barkley produced a litter of 9 all Bilateral puppies. Although she did not achieve her Championship, she was deserving, and most likely would have acheived it if she had not been the very first show dog of a novice who got discouraged very easily at the time (me).

Barkley had nice bone, size, wonderful shoulder assembly (good layback, return of upper arm, and of equal length bones) and vivid pigmentation. She was a very balanced and clean mover. She is the dam of our own:

High-Dal's Sir Freckle Nose CGC, "Freckle Nose"
High-Dal's Perky Polka Dots, "Perky"

"Good bye sweet girl. I love you and miss you so much. I won't ever forget you."

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VANDY'S LADY BARKLEY , 6-Generation COI = 3.125%

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