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The Show Progeny Of JLS Bark Out Loud (L)

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Barkles is a proven sire of a litter of 3 puppies to date. Barkles is opening up spotting and putting on the "pretty" on his pups. Great temperaments, nice toplines, nice movement and sound.

Dam:     CH JLS Sabrina Fair, "Sabrina"

Whelp Date: October 21, 2014 ~ Three Puppies (0 Patches/1 Blue Eye)
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JLS Pepper

JLS Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain

JLS Ruger Colton Jones

Dam:     JLS Ravin About My Lucky Spot, "Lucky"

Whelp Date: April 24, 2018 ~ 5 Puppies (0 Patches/2 Blue Eyes)
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JLS My Little Chickadee

Pictured at 4.5 months old

JLS Atticus Finch

pictured at 4.5 months old

JLS Barney Barnswallow

pictued at


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