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Available Dalmatians
Dalmatian Puppies - Gilby, Raisin, Newt

Looking for a quality-bred Dalmatian? Occassionally, we have an older Dalmatian, retired show dog or an older puppy available for adoption to the right home. We also like to help sponsor a Rescue Dalmatian on our site from time to time.


We currently do not have any puppies available at this time.

We have plans for a Fall Litter. Please fill out the online Puppy Application and contact Julia for more information.

Young Adults

Adult Dalmatians

Rescue Dalmatians
You may also want to consider helping a rescue dog. For more information go to our Rescue page.

If you are interested in a Dalmatian, please fill out my Adoption Application or email me:
I may have an upcoming litter or will try to help you locate a good quality Dalmatian.


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